American Life Announces Inclusion of the Goldman Sachs Xenith Index to its Fixed Index Annuity Policy Holders

Midwest Holding Inc. | January 13, 2022

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Midwest Holding Inc. (NASDAQ: MDWT), a technology-enabled, services-oriented annuity platform, announced today that its subsidiary American Life & Security (ALSC) will begin offering exclusively to American Life's Fixed Index Annuity policy holders the Goldman Sachs Xenith Index.

The Goldman Sachs Xenith Index is a multi-asset strategy that uses the anticipated macro regime, as identified by a leading economic indicator, to make asset allocations. By using a leading economic indicator, the Goldman Sachs Xenith Index differs from indices that rely on a backward-looking methodology alone. Instead of relying purely on the S&P 500 Index for exposure to U.S. equities, the index employs an intraday overlay that can reduce equity exposure based on intra-day trading "signals". As a result, the strategy incorporates real-time market movements, in addition to other factors, in its rules-based methodology.

Depending on the prevailing market regime, the Goldman Sachs Xenith Index also provides commodity exposure by switching between copper and gold based on anticipated economic growth. In addition, regardless of the economic regime, the Goldman Sachs Xenith Index provides constant exposure to a long-short strategy taking positions on different points of the commodity curve in an attempt to capture performance that may be less correlated to other asset classes.

"The Goldman Sachs Xenith Index is quite meaningful to Midwest Holding and American Life as we are one of just a few select insurance providers offering this type of index. We are glad to be positioned front and center, as we collectively bring a new opportunity with strong potential to our investors,"

- Midwest Holding President and Chief Investment Officer Mike Minnich.

"Goldman Sachs is pleased to license the Goldman Sachs Xenith Index to American Life & Security. This is our first index licensing engagement with American Life and we are excited about working with their team"

-  Pratik Pareek, Head of Insurance Equity Derivative Sales at Goldman Sachs.

About Midwest Holding Inc.
Midwest Holding Inc. is a technology-enabled, services-oriented annuity platform. Midwest designs and develops in-demand life and annuity products that are distributed through independent distribution channels, to a large and growing demographic of U.S. retirees. Midwest originates, manages and transfers these annuities through reinsurance arrangements to asset managers and other third-party investors, who are actively seeking these financially attractive products. Midwest also provides the operational and regulatory infrastructure and expertise to enable asset managers and third-party investors to form, capitalize and manage their own reinsurance capital vehicles.

About American Life & Security Corp.
American Life & Security Corp. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Midwest Holding Inc. In 2018, the company was recapitalized and reimagined by a team of seasoned insurance, technology and investment experts with a new purpose - build a platform on modern technology with simplicity, transparency and cost efficiency to remedy inefficiencies in the life and annuity industry.


No single insurer is spared by fraud. Globally, fraud is estimated to cost the insurance industry hundreds of billions of GBP per year. This figure isn’t just fraud on an individual or opportunistic scale, but also the result of insurance fraud networks who represent an industry unto themselves.


No single insurer is spared by fraud. Globally, fraud is estimated to cost the insurance industry hundreds of billions of GBP per year. This figure isn’t just fraud on an individual or opportunistic scale, but also the result of insurance fraud networks who represent an industry unto themselves.

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Covr and Smart Choice | January 25, 2023

On January 24, 2023, Covr Financial Technologies and Smart Choice announced that they have teamed up to make Covr Pro available to 9,500 Smart Choice agencies thereby, enabling independent advisers to access Covr's cutting-edge digital solution. Covr Pro is a digital platform for independent advisers that gives them a number of benefits, such as an easy-to-use interface, competitive pay, help with application intake, and full case management (including electronic signatures and document delivery). With industry-proven transporters, there is no output requirement, and access is also immediate. Ron Alexander, Covr President and Chief Innovation Officer, said, "Covr Pro offers instant access to leading technology and comprehensive support that streamlines insurance transactions and improves client experiences." He further expressed, "We're thrilled that our digital BGA solution is now available to Smart Choice agencies and their advisors to help grow their insurance businesses." (Source – Cision PR Newswire) Covr Pro also comes with expert help from the Covr team as well as self-service tools and real-time rates from top insurance companies. Independent advisers who aren't insurance specialists can direct clients to Covr Assist for assistance with all aspects of coverage. Joe Fisher, Chief Operating Officer of Smart Choice, remarked, "Smart Choice is thrilled to bring Covr's state-of-the-art digital insurance platform to our agencies." He further remarked, "Insurance solutions are an important part of building business, and the Covr Pro platform makes the process fast & simple." (Source – Cision PR Newswire) About Covr Covr is a web-based insurance platform that makes it simple to safeguard the relationships that matter most. The company's embedded insurance technology enables financial advisors and their clients to research and purchase insurance from well-known life insurance companies without the hassles of the traditional process and, in some cases, in a matter of minutes. This is made possible through partnerships with financial institutions and other national brands. About Smart Choice Smart Choice has over 9,000 independent agents and 100 insurance carriers. It is the only no-fee program that provides independent insurance agents with top-rated markets, product training, and sales and marketing support. The company supports and markets new, former captive, and seasoned agents. Meanwhile, its no-fee program gives Smart Choice Agents access to its bimonthly magazine and business solutions center.

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On February 13, 2023, Risk Strategies, a national specialty insurance, risk management and consulting firm, announced its acquisition of Bullen Insurance Group, bringing the expertise and services for the specialized needs of high-net-worth individuals and families. Bullen Insurance Group is a specialty insurance brokerage and risk management firm designed for the insurance needs of successful family offices and businesses, individuals, and families, protecting valuable assets and property worldwide. In addition, it customizes insurance programs, addressing the complex risks of properties like automobiles, yachts, aircraft, and art collections exposed to natural disasters. With a personalized service approach, it has been helping industries, financial institutions, historic properties, and non-profit organizations, developing trust and loyalty for generations of clients and renowned commercial businesses. National practice leader for Private Client Services at Risk Strategies, Alison Murphy, said, "Effectively addressing the many complex risks faced by highly successful individuals and families requires deep expertise and dedicated specialization." She added, "Bullen Insurance Group has a well-earned, long-established reputation for excellence in serving high-net-worth clients and this provides us with a unique opportunity to expand our high-net-worth practice in a key market. I'm thrilled to welcome Matt and his team to Risk Strategies." (Source – Globe Newswire) President and CEO Matthew C. Fox said, "Given the firm's long history, and the trust our clients place in our service and knowledge, we wanted to be sure we were choosing the right partner to scale and perpetuate our business." He added, "The quality of the people and the operational platform we saw at Risk Strategies and their specialist approach to client service and collaboration gave us great confidence that we have found a partner that is aligned with our vision and will support our unwavering commitment to our clients." (Source – Globe Newswire) About Risk Strategies Risk Strategies, an insurance service provider, has been offering financial benefits and protecting assets since 1997. It is a privately held National Specialty Insurance Brokerage and Risk Management Advisor, minimizing liabilities of its assets. Headquartered in Boston, it is one of the oldest firms in the private equity industry, investing in the insurance sector and offering financial benefits, compensations, and employment. It provides solutions in specialty insurance, brokerage, private clients, transportation, surety, captives, group benefits, risk management, high-net-worth, employee benefits, property, and casualty.

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Idelic Introduces Idelic Insurance Agency for Fleets

Idelic | January 19, 2023

Idelic Inc. recently announced the launch of Idelic Insurance Agency, LLC, a technology-driven managing general agent (MGA) aimed at providing commercial fleets with tailored insurance coverage. The insurance pricing will reflect the fleets’ risk improvement by using the Idelic Program, a comprehensive approach to improving driver safety and reducing crashes. Idelic Insurance Agency also aims to provide a modern approach to improving insurance outcomes by allowing fleets to use technology and processes to reduce losses. The insurance agency will price renewals based on the fleets’ successful adoption and results. The Idelic Program consists of two major components: Safety Suite® and Driver Safety Playbook. Safety Suite® is the best driver performance management platform in the trucking industry. It collects driver risk data and uses machine learning algorithms to identify high-risk drivers. Meanwhile, the Driver Safety Playbook is an excellent guide to engaging drivers, providing coaching and step-by-step professional development plans made by working with insurers and trucking's safest fleets. On average, fleets utilizing Idelic Program can witness a 20% decrease in preventable crashes in the first year. "Commercial auto fleet insurance is inherently complex with a multitude of nuances from fleet to fleet. The process of evaluating risks has traditionally relied on underwriter experience and judgment, but insurers are increasingly looking for a more data-driven way to evaluate risks. Idelic Insurance Agency will do just that," stated Michael Gramm, Senior Vice President of Insurance at Idelic Insurance Agency. "By working closely with fleets that choose to use the Idelic Program, we can better leverage critical driver behavior data to quote policies that reflect their reduced crash risk," he added. (Source – Business Wire) The Idelic Program and Idelic Insurance Agency are timely solutions to help fleets combat rising insurance rates and reduce losses significantly. However, fleet insurance costs and availability are once again among the Top 10 motor carrier executive concerns listed by American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI). About Idelic Inc. Pittsburgh-based Idelic is a software provider dedicated to delivering the best insurance outcomes for fleets. The Idelic Program combines process and technology in a tool designed for and proven successful among fleets and insurers alike. Additionally, the program uses predictive analytics to identify risky drivers and professional development plans to help change behavior patterns and provide insurers with evidence of long-term improvements in crash reduction to negotiate lower rates. The company's experienced technical and industry experts understand the trucking and insurance industries' needs and provide tailored solutions to clients' real problems.

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