APOLLO Insurance and CAARY Collaborate to Offer Access to Embedded Digital Insurance

APOLLO Insurance | July 15, 2021

APOLLO Insurance, Canada’s largest online insurance provider, has collaborated with CAARY, a financial platform for small and medium-sized businesses (SME), to provide visitors to with customized digital insurance products.

APOLLO Insurance, which debuted in 2019, currently has the biggest selection of online insurance in Canada, thanks to brokers and integrated partnerships. Consumers can obtain a quote and buy insurance via APOLLO in five minutes, from any device, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As a result, CAARY is changing how Canadian small businesses get credit and manage their spending and expenses. CAARY will use its partnership with APOLLO to provide its clients with digital access to value-added insurance products.

CAARY, which will launch its complete platform offering this autumn after a private beta this summer, is a first-of-its-kind corporate credit card solution for Canada’s more than 850,000 SMEs that still depend on personal credit. CAARY, which uses the renowned Mastercard network, offers same-day credit card acceptance, no personal guarantee requirements, and near-instant virtual card issuance, with physical cards issued on demand. In addition, the CAARY senior leadership team, made up of former senior banking executives and entrepreneurs, has developed a model for assessing and offering credit to SMEs based on cash flow and assets rather than credit history, a novel approach that is expected to benefit this underserved market in Canada significantly.

The APOLLO Exchange, APOLLO’s proprietary technology platform, transacts insurance business in real-time, using vast data and powerful algorithms to quote, collect a payment, generate and distribute policies. As a result, APOLLO enables thousands of small businesses and individuals to purchase online without the need for human intervention.

About APOLLO Insurance
Apollo Insurance Solutions Ltd. (“APOLLO Insurance”) is the largest online insurance company in Canada. The APOLLO Exchange, our unique platform, enables insurance brokers and their clients to buy their coverage instantly, from anywhere, on any device, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Unlike traditional paper-based procedures, APOLLO uses vast data and sophisticated algorithms to quote, collect money, and issue policies for thousands of different kinds of small businesses and individuals without the need for human intervention.

APOLLO is reinventing insurance distribution through traditional agents and embedded finance partnerships.

CAARY is a financial technology company with a mission to reimagine products, processes, and the client experience to transform and streamline credit and banking for businesses. CAARY is a fully digital corporate card that is more than just a credit card. CAARY’s expenditure management and spend control features are intended to give you back control and time so you can focus on growing your business.

CAARY has developed the next generation of financial tools to improve the efficiency of your company credit and banking experience, just like the rest of your digital life.


The growing numbers of machine learning health insurance applications that are being used in the healthcare industry allow us to read the future by doing data analysis.


The growing numbers of machine learning health insurance applications that are being used in the healthcare industry allow us to read the future by doing data analysis.

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MetLife and Vision Benefits of America Collaborate with Howell Benefit Services, Inc.

WEBSURANCE | December 02, 2021

Howell Benefit Services, Inc. (HBS), and Howell Benefit Technologies LLC (dba RATECentric) have released WEBSURANCE, a fully insured health and welfare benefits trust featuring top ranked group insurance companies for carriers, producers, and employers. In conjunction with the Trust, a paperless, digital WEBSURANCE platform was also launched enabling carriers and producers to offer employers superior level benefit plans, competitive pricing, and extended rate guarantees. HBS is pleased to announce MetLife and Vision Benefits of America (VBA) as the first multi-year Trust participants offering group dental and vision benefits, respectively, to employers nationwide with products and plan designs typically found in the enterprise market. We continue to enhance our online presence utilizing our digital technology by adding these two market leading insurance carriers, We've had exceptional success for over 25 years building and managing digital websites and have been a pioneer in API integration for several top ranked group carriers. Our technology has enabled the carriers we serve to measure and demonstrate the efficiencies and profitability of outsourcing online quoting, case submission, premium billing, sales activity, license tracking and commission payment in a single application. - Roger Howell, President of HBS. Our real time quoting platform's success, which has been online nationwide since 2013 and now serving two of the top five national group insurance carriers, illustrates how our team has combined deep-rooted benefits knowledge, four decades of TPA experience, and integrating it with our proprietary and commercially successful digital platform technology." Howell has provided customized, multi-carrier and premium billing technology, producer appointment and license tracking as well as commission payment technology for carriers and producers since 2000. "By utilizing WEBSURANCE's digital solution we are able to streamline our offerings for customers and provide them with access to competitive benefit plan options, instant rates and case submission, pricing and backroom support as a result of our collaboration with Howell." - Cynthia Smith, SVP of Regional Business at MetLife VBA's Vice President, Matt Cuomo stated, "The WEBSURANCE Trust is the perfect vessel for us to showcase our national vision plan benefit portfolio. The quoting, case submission and plan administration features offered by WEBSURANCE are unprecedented, based on our experience." The WEBSURANCE Benefits Trust will be offering additional online group and voluntary benefit plans in 2022, further reducing quoting and administrative expenses while, at the same time, increasing closing ratios for carriers and producers. About WEBSURANCE The WEBSURANCE Benefits Trust is a fully insured, national group insurance trust that covers hundreds of employer groups, with the capacity and scalability to offer a variety of carriers' product lines. Eligible group insurance products include health, dental, vision, life, disability, voluntary life, disability, critical illness, hospital indemnity, and accident. WEBSURANCE is administered by Howell Benefit Services, Inc. (Howell), located in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. Howell is a nationally recognized, online, Third Party Administrator (TPA) in business since 1982.

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DL Holdings and YF Life Announced Strategic Partnership to Accelerate the Development of Family Office and Asset Management Business

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On 16 February 2022, DL Holdings Group Limited ("DL Holdings" or the "Company" and its subsidiaries (together, the "Group"), Stock Code: 1709) announced that it will engage in a comprehensive partnership with YF Life in the next three years. YF Life Innovation Strategic Partnership Conference was held in Hong Kong, which explored new opportunities and laid the foundation for YF Life in terms of business development, talent acquisition, advancement in business positioning and brand influence. DL Holdings is the only strategic partner in wealth management and investment in this Strategic Partnership Conference. The two companies will jointly explore and expand client base in the Asia-Pacific region and provide a spectrum of bespoke services ranging from insurance, investment, family office to asset management for high-net-worth clients and their families. "YF Life operates on the client-oriented principle that prioritizes clients' need and satisfaction. We strive to provide up-to-date insurance products and will make every effort to provide safe and robust services in legacy planning and asset management. Through a 'strong, refined, fast, intelligent, and broad' business approach, we partner with prominent institutional partners to expand YL Life's circle of friends and influence. DL Holdings is a well-known listed investment and asset management company in Hong Kong with over a decade of experience and a solid client base in family office services. We believe DL Holdings will bring new opportunities and advancement to YL Life's family office and investment business." -Dr. Zhang Ke, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of YF Life "Insurance is a fundamental part and the most important protection in wealth management, especially in legacy planning. Therefore, the first thing we do for all our family clients is to curate appropriate insurance products that most suit their needs. As one of our trusted insurance partners, YF Life is one of the best insurers in terms of branding, quality of products and convenient customer services. Our strategic partnership with YF Life will not only bring a substantial enhancement in our bespoke insurance products and underwriting services but will also broaden our high-net-worth client base and catalyze the expansion of our AUM." -Mr. Andy Chen, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer of DL Holdings The listed company of DL Holdings recorded a profit over HK$ 200 million in the fiscal year of 2021. DL Holdings group engages in a spectrum of financial businesses including family offices, securities investment and private equity funds, and the total amount of assets under investment and consulting management has exceeded US$ 3 billion. Under the effect of market fluctuations and changing policy environment, DL Holdings exhibits stable and robust investment strategies and excellent risk control. According to the strategic partnership agreement, DL Holdings will provide multi-family office and securities investment services for YF Life with a focus on services that are not covered by traditional private banks and investment institutions such as alternative investment, asset management, identity planning, offshore trust, education, and philanthropy for YF Life's high-end clients. Both companies have agreed on sharing model on client resources and profit and will seek a sustainable and stable long-term partnership through interaction of the two brands and media support. On the Strategic Partnership Conference, YF Life also signed strategic partnership agreements with Bauhinia Think Tank, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Business School, Jinan University and Bauhinia Magazine to promote the comprehensive new upgrades of the YF Life from strategic planning, talent development, social responsibilities, and media communication perspectives. About DL Holdings Group Limited DL Holdings Group Limited is listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (stock code: 1709.HK). Founded in 2011, DL Holdings' parent company is headquartered in Hong Kong with offices in Shanghai, San Francisco, Singapore and Tokyo. DL Holdings Group is a full-licensed financial services and investment group focusing on serving Hong Kong's small and medium market cap growth listed companies and founders' families. DL Holdings' total assets and investment under management exceeds USD 3 billion currently, including USD 1.4 billion under DL Family Office's management.

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