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APOLLO Insurance Partners With Homewise to Offer Homebuyers Access to Integrated Digital Insurance

Apollo Insurance Solutions Ltd. (“APOLLO Insurance”), Canada’s leading online insurance provider, has partnered with Homewise to offer immediate digital insurance products, specifically tailored to Canadian home buyers that use their website each year.

Launched in 2019, APOLLO Insurance now offers the largest selection of online insurance in Canada, through brokers and integrated partnerships like this one. Through APOLLO, consumers can get a quote and purchase insurance in five minutes, from any device, 24/7. Homewise’s mission is to help Canadians save thousands on their mortgages, offering the best mortgage rates in Canada through their list of lenders. Homewise can now offer digital insurance to its thousands of users, through APOLLO.

Homewise is exceptional at providing Canadians the best mortgage rate and services, creating a better experience for home buyers while also giving users the opportunity to save money,APOLLO is excited to partner with Homewise, as users can now access the right insurance product for them, entirely online, through APOLLO.

-  Director of Business Development Jill Carberry-Feldman.

Launched in 2018, Homewise wanted to provide Canadians with a better mortgage process that puts the buyer first. Homewise introduced a simple mortgage process with the goal of saving Canadian’s time, confusion, and money. With the Homewise free platform, they do the work for their users, negotiating with their large list of lenders to find them a great mortgage that meets their unique needs. Homewise has provided mortgage advice to clients across Canada, with over $10 billion of home transactions.

Homewise is changing the face of the home buyer marketplace and will continue to help Canadians move into their homes easily, confidently, and with extra money in their pocket.

“We are excited to partner with APOLLO to provide even more options to our clients in their home buying journey while simplifying their experience. Focusing on our goal of saving clients time, confusion, and a lot of money,”

- Co-Founder and CEO Jesse Abrams.

APOLLO’s proprietary technology platform, the APOLLO Exchange, transacts insurance business in real-time and leverages extensive data and sophisticated algorithms to quote, collect payment, create and deliver policies. Thousands of types of small businesses and individuals are able to buy online without human intervention.

About APOLLO Insurance
APOLLO is Canada's leading online insurance provider. Our proprietary platform, the APOLLO Exchange, allows insurance agents and their customers to purchase their policy immediately, from anywhere, on any device, 24/7. Unlike traditional paper-based processes, APOLLO leverages extensive data and sophisticated algorithms to quote, collect payment, and issue policies for thousands of types of small business and individuals without human intervention.Through traditional agents and embedded finance partnerships APOLLO is redefining the distribution of insurance.

About Homewise
Homewise makes the mortgage process simple, all with the goal of saving Canadian’s time, confusion, and a lot of money. After applying online in only 5 minutes, Homewise searches the market of over 30 banks and lenders to find borrowers their best mortgage – tailored to their specific needs. Borrowers are also set up with a personal Homewise Advisor to guide them at each step. Whether it’s pre-approval, approval, refinance, or switch, Homewise makes getting the best mortgage simple.



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