AXA XL Announces Key Leadership Appointments in Aerospace Underwriting

AXA XL1 INSURANCE | January 11, 2022

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AXA XL has appointed Thisiani Matsumura-Martins as Global Chief Underwriting Officer, Aerospace. Effective April 1st and based in Sao Paulo,  she will report to Nancy Bewlay, Global Chief Underwriting Officer and work closely with the Regional Business Units to develop and assess underwriting strategic direction and profitability for Aerospace.

"Thisiani brings a wealth of technical and market-facing experience. She is a seasoned regional leader prepared to support the Aerospace team in product development, innovation and client and broker engagement across all geographies and markets,"

- Ms. Bewlay.

Ms. Matsumura-Martins brings 27 years of experience in the insurance and reinsurance industry. She has previously worked at Allianz and Liberty, and as an underwriter in a variety of business lines including Aerospace, Property, Construction, Marine, Personal Accident and Life. She first joined AXA XL  in 2014 as Technical Director for Brazil and was later appointed as Chief of Staff for Latin America. Currently, she serves as the interim Regional Leader for AXA XL in Latin America and Country Manager for Brazil where she is co-leading the integration of AXA's operations in the country.

Additionally, Tom Callahan has been promoted to Global Head of Underwriting Management and CUO of Aviation. Based in New York, Mr. Callahan will be reporting to Ms. Matsumura-Martins.

Mr. Callahan has been a member of the Aerospace team at AXA XL since 2006, most recently serving as the Global Head of Underwriting Management. In his new role, he will have increased responsibility and management of the technical underwriting strategy for Aviation.

Mr. Callahan has more than three decades experience in the business, having worked across all areas of the aerospace insurance and reinsurance sector. He holds a degree in finance from Manhattan College and an MBA from Pace University.

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Cognizant helped EmblemHealth fasten its claims-processing by bringing in robotic process automation (RPA) to mimic human judgement and decision making. This helped EmblemHealth pay claims on time, reducing provider escalations and decline in interest penalties. This video talks about the success of this digital transformation.


Cognizant helped EmblemHealth fasten its claims-processing by bringing in robotic process automation (RPA) to mimic human judgement and decision making. This helped EmblemHealth pay claims on time, reducing provider escalations and decline in interest penalties. This video talks about the success of this digital transformation.

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Bridge Mutual | November 21, 2020

Decentralized insurance supplier Bridge Mutual has begun the first-since forever insurance inclusion offering in one of the quickest developing computerized resource markets: stablecoins. Bridge Mutual depends on a decentralized, discretionary insurance application that permits users to guarantee one another and get repaid in case of a market decline or an assault. The administration one-ups the competition by offering to guarantee stablecoins and trades, not simply brilliant contracts. Additionally, Bridge Mutual is based on the Polkadot network, which offers fork-less, on-chain updating capacities and an unrivaled transaction expense structure. Users can join the Bridge Mutual biological system by buying BMI tokens and marking BMI in Bridge inclusion pools. Assets inside the inclusion pools are naturally put on-chain in different stages, for example, Compound and Aave to create yields for users. Statements are produced on-chain by an actuarial recipe; users may connect their Web 3 wallet (Metamask and others) to pay for the inclusion subsequent to getting the statement. Part of the charges paid by users purchasing inclusion is part among users giving that inclusion as a benefit sharing motivator. Stablecoin insurance claims are settled immediately. All different cases experience a 3-stage casting a ballot cycle that settles claims in about a month and a half or less. Motivating force frameworks are set up to guarantee that each guarantee is arbitrated reasonably and precisely without misrepresentation or collusion. “Our platform does not require any form of identification from its users. All funds within our ecosystem are held in smart contracts; Bridge is entirely non-custodial. No Bridge team member ever has access to the funds being staked on the system,” said Bridge Mutual Founder and CEO Michael Miglio. Miglio, an accomplished blockchain lawyer, has offered legitimate types of assistance to various profoundly noticeable blockchain ventures, including Akropolis, Certik, Kinesis, NOIA, QTUM, FABRK and Bridge Mutual has collected a heavenly group of insurance and monetary specialists, just as software engineers and different legal counselors. Bridge Mutual plans to be the main stage to give inclusion to the enormous $20B+ stablecoin economy, which is developing at an exponential rate. The task appreciated oversubscribed holy messenger and seed adjusts, and is at present in negotiations with top-level blockchain assets to fill its private round. About Bridge Mutual Bridge Mutual provides a decentralized, scalable and comprehensive system of smart contracts to insure smart contracts, stablecoins, centralized exchanges, and other crypto and DeFi products. It offers transparent, auditable, on-chain investment strategies to return yields and profit-sharing to its users and does not require KYC or personally identifying information.

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B2Z Insurance Introduces a Full Suite of Products to Protect a New Generation of Small Businesses

B2Z Insurance | May 17, 2021

B2Z Insurance, an online business insurance provider, has announced the introduction of its full suite of insurance plans, which includes business owners policies (BOP), workers' compensation, cyber insurance, professional liability, and hired and non-owned vehicles. The pandemic has increased the need for commercial insurance to be offered online and have the same straightforward experience as personal insurance. B2Z provides a fully digital experience for small businesses, allowing them to browse for coverage options, get quotes, purchase coverage, and file claims at any time, from any place, and any mobile device. Diya (pronounced "dee-ya"), B2Z's AI-powered guide, uses artificial intelligence and data sourcing to assist customers and efficiently determine a business's special coverage needs. Diya also identifies areas of confusion during the application process and intervenes to offer simple explanations to make the process faster, smoother, and less frustrating. When they enter the market, small business owners now have the resources they need to confidently assess and meet their specific coverage requirements. The complete B2Z product offering includes: • Business Owners Policy (BOP) - A BOP protects more than just general liabilities; it also covers buildings, structures, customer injuries, and all loss and liability claims. • Workers Compensation - If an employee is injured on the job, this coverage pays for medical bills and can cover related legal costs. • Cyber Insurance - Cyber insurance saves small businesses against the crippling costs associated with data breaches and cyberattacks by assisting them in paying for customer notification, fraud monitoring, legal bills, and system damage. • Professional Liability - Businesses that provide expertise and consultancy services are protected against claims of bad work, such as errors, missing deadlines, and professional negligence. • Automobile Hired and Non-Owned - Third-party losses including vehicles operated for business purposes but personally owned by workers, or leased by a small business and its employees, are covered. “In today's business environment, small business owners recognize the value of resilience and the need for comprehensive coverage to protect their assets, staff, and clients. However, today's insurance options are confusing and slow, leaving many businesses with policy gaps—or even uninsured entirely,” said Kuldeep Malik, Founder, and CEO of B2Z Insurance. “The launch of our full suite of policies, together with our customer-centric platform, signals the start of our path to lift the bar for a great insurance shopping experience.” B2Z Insurance also provides hassle-free cancellations to help small business owners save time and energy while switching from existing coverage. Its licensed customer experience team works closely with customers' current carriers to search for potential penalties, prevent coverage lapses, and make cancellation and registration as simple as possible. About B2Z Insurance B2Z Insurance is a five-minute online business insurance provider that covers small businesses. B2Z lets small businesses prosper by providing easy coverage explanations, online quote decisions, same-day coverage purchasing, hassle-free cancellations, and an on-the-go customer portal. Unlike most business insurance sites, B2Z offers a fully digital experience: exploring policy plans, obtaining quotes, buying coverage, and making claims can all be done online at any time, from any place, from any mobile device.

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Ameritas announces whole life insurance product revisions

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Ameritas has introduced enhancements to its whole life insurance products, creating additional options to help meet client needs while maintaining current product competitiveness. The four new whole life insurance products are Ameritas Access Whole Life, Ameritas Growth Whole Life, Ameritas Growth 10-Pay Whole life and Ameritas Value Plus Whole Life. The products are issued by Ameritas Life Insurance Corp. and Ameritas Life Insurance Corp. in New York and became effective Jan. 1. "We are excited about the reprice of the Ameritas whole life products, as the entire portfolio has been updated to include enhanced and consistent features,The purpose and performance of each product has been positioned to complement one another. Whether you're looking for early access to guaranteed cash value, long-term cash value accumulation or low cost guaranteed death benefit protection, Ameritas has strong options." -Craig Schommer, vice president, individual product development. Ameritas has introduced enhancements to its whole life insurance products The products were repriced to address the lower guaranteed contract rate and utilize a range of contract rates to accomplish different goals for each product. Ameritas Access Whole Life maintains strong early guaranteed cash value performance. A clear choice for clients seeking long-term accumulation, Ameritas Growth Whole Life. Ameritas Growth 10-Pay Whole Life offers improved long-term current cash value accumulation with a 10-year short pay. Ameritas Value Plus Whole Life is staying focused on low-cost death benefit protection while remaining competitive with other options available in the market. Additional features include a non-direct recognition for dividends when using variable loans, a more flexible funding range using the Flexible Paid-Up or Level Term riders and the Care4Life Accelerated Death Benefit Rider can now be used across all four whole life insurance products. About Ameritas Ameritas is a marketing name for Ameritas Mutual Holding Company and its affiliated subsidiary companies, including Ameritas Life Insurance Corp. and Ameritas Life Insurance Corp. of New York. Founded in 1887, Ameritas offers a wide range of insurance and financial products and services to individuals, families and businesses. These products and services include life insurance; annuities; individual disability income insurance; group dental, vision and hearing care insurance; retirement plans; investments; asset management; and public finance. Securities offered through affiliate Ameritas Investment Company, LLC., member FINRA/SIPC and investment advisory services offered through affiliate Ameritas Advisory Services, LLC.

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