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B2Z Insurance Introduces a Full Suite of Products to Protect a New Generation of Small Businesses

B2Z Insurance, an online business insurance provider, has announced the introduction of its full suite of insurance plans, which includes business owners policies (BOP), workers' compensation, cyber insurance, professional liability, and hired and non-owned vehicles.

The pandemic has increased the need for commercial insurance to be offered online and have the same straightforward experience as personal insurance. B2Z provides a fully digital experience for small businesses, allowing them to browse for coverage options, get quotes, purchase coverage, and file claims at any time, from any place, and any mobile device.

Diya (pronounced "dee-ya"), B2Z's AI-powered guide, uses artificial intelligence and data sourcing to assist customers and efficiently determine a business's special coverage needs. Diya also identifies areas of confusion during the application process and intervenes to offer simple explanations to make the process faster, smoother, and less frustrating.

When they enter the market, small business owners now have the resources they need to confidently assess and meet their specific coverage requirements. The complete B2Z product offering includes:

• Business Owners Policy (BOP) - A BOP protects more than just general liabilities; it also covers buildings, structures, customer injuries, and all loss and liability claims.

• Workers Compensation - If an employee is injured on the job, this coverage pays for medical bills and can cover related legal costs.

• Cyber Insurance - Cyber insurance saves small businesses against the crippling costs associated with data breaches and cyberattacks by assisting them in paying for customer notification, fraud monitoring, legal bills, and system damage.

• Professional Liability - Businesses that provide expertise and consultancy services are protected against claims of bad work, such as errors, missing deadlines, and professional negligence.

• Automobile Hired and Non-Owned - Third-party losses including vehicles operated for business purposes but personally owned by workers, or leased by a small business and its employees, are covered.

“In today's business environment, small business owners recognize the value of resilience and the need for comprehensive coverage to protect their assets, staff, and clients. However, today's insurance options are confusing and slow, leaving many businesses with policy gaps—or even uninsured entirely,” said Kuldeep Malik, Founder, and CEO of B2Z Insurance. “The launch of our full suite of policies, together with our customer-centric platform, signals the start of our path to lift the bar for a great insurance shopping experience.”

B2Z Insurance also provides hassle-free cancellations to help small business owners save time and energy while switching from existing coverage. Its licensed customer experience team works closely with customers' current carriers to search for potential penalties, prevent coverage lapses, and make cancellation and registration as simple as possible.

About B2Z Insurance
B2Z Insurance is a five-minute online business insurance provider that covers small businesses. B2Z lets small businesses prosper by providing easy coverage explanations, online quote decisions, same-day coverage purchasing, hassle-free cancellations, and an on-the-go customer portal.

Unlike most business insurance sites, B2Z offers a fully digital experience: exploring policy plans, obtaining quotes, buying coverage, and making claims can all be done online at any time, from any place, from any mobile device.



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