B2Z Insurance Introduces a Full Suite of Products to Protect a New Generation of Small Businesses

B2Z Insurance | May 17, 2021

B2Z Insurance, an online business insurance provider, has announced the introduction of its full suite of insurance plans, which includes business owners policies (BOP), workers' compensation, cyber insurance, professional liability, and hired and non-owned vehicles.

The pandemic has increased the need for commercial insurance to be offered online and have the same straightforward experience as personal insurance. B2Z provides a fully digital experience for small businesses, allowing them to browse for coverage options, get quotes, purchase coverage, and file claims at any time, from any place, and any mobile device.

Diya (pronounced "dee-ya"), B2Z's AI-powered guide, uses artificial intelligence and data sourcing to assist customers and efficiently determine a business's special coverage needs. Diya also identifies areas of confusion during the application process and intervenes to offer simple explanations to make the process faster, smoother, and less frustrating.

When they enter the market, small business owners now have the resources they need to confidently assess and meet their specific coverage requirements. The complete B2Z product offering includes:

• Business Owners Policy (BOP) - A BOP protects more than just general liabilities; it also covers buildings, structures, customer injuries, and all loss and liability claims.

• Workers Compensation - If an employee is injured on the job, this coverage pays for medical bills and can cover related legal costs.

• Cyber Insurance - Cyber insurance saves small businesses against the crippling costs associated with data breaches and cyberattacks by assisting them in paying for customer notification, fraud monitoring, legal bills, and system damage.

• Professional Liability - Businesses that provide expertise and consultancy services are protected against claims of bad work, such as errors, missing deadlines, and professional negligence.

• Automobile Hired and Non-Owned - Third-party losses including vehicles operated for business purposes but personally owned by workers, or leased by a small business and its employees, are covered.

“In today's business environment, small business owners recognize the value of resilience and the need for comprehensive coverage to protect their assets, staff, and clients. However, today's insurance options are confusing and slow, leaving many businesses with policy gaps—or even uninsured entirely,” said Kuldeep Malik, Founder, and CEO of B2Z Insurance. “The launch of our full suite of policies, together with our customer-centric platform, signals the start of our path to lift the bar for a great insurance shopping experience.”

B2Z Insurance also provides hassle-free cancellations to help small business owners save time and energy while switching from existing coverage. Its licensed customer experience team works closely with customers' current carriers to search for potential penalties, prevent coverage lapses, and make cancellation and registration as simple as possible.

About B2Z Insurance
B2Z Insurance is a five-minute online business insurance provider that covers small businesses. B2Z lets small businesses prosper by providing easy coverage explanations, online quote decisions, same-day coverage purchasing, hassle-free cancellations, and an on-the-go customer portal.

Unlike most business insurance sites, B2Z offers a fully digital experience: exploring policy plans, obtaining quotes, buying coverage, and making claims can all be done online at any time, from any place, from any mobile device.


John Lapointe from The Lapointe Insurance Agency answer the question; Do Insurance Policies Cover Lost Income Due To Coronavirus?


John Lapointe from The Lapointe Insurance Agency answer the question; Do Insurance Policies Cover Lost Income Due To Coronavirus?

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Toronto-based global insurtech BOXX Insurance announced the appointment of Phil Baker as President of BOXX Canada. Baker will also be responsible for delivering BOXX's insurance strategy globally as its Global Head of Insurance. Prior to joining BOXX, Baker headed Beazley Canada where he was board chairman and head of broker relations. Baker joined Beazley when it acquired Creechurch Underwriters, where he was President and CEO of the highly regarded MGA that focused on insuring risks in the emerging technology space. Before joining Creechurch, Baker headed the financial and professional lines business unit for Travelers Canada. "The rapid pace and acceleration of digitization is creating digital uncertainty of seismic proportions. Nowhere is this felt more than by everyday businesses and consumers who have historically been ill-served by insurers. The opportunity to help democratise access to both cyber insurance and digital protection through BOXX's all-in-one platform is incredibly exciting." -Phil Baker as President of BOXX Canada. "Phil will play an integral role in expanding relationships with the insurance brokers that fuel our business in Canada," said Vishal Kundi, BOXX's CEO and Co-Founder. "Under Phil's technical leadership, we can step up the pace to enhance and extend our insurance products to meet the demands of partners and customers we are seeing across the world." -Phil Baker as President of BOXX Canada. BOXX also announced the addition of Zurich Insurance and Hartford Steam Boiler as new insurance providers for BOXX. Baker will manage these relationships as well as cultivate new ones as BOXX expands into selected new markets and segments. About BOXX Insurance BOXX Insurance Inc. helps businesses, individuals and families insure and defend against cyber threats. BOXX Insurance Inc. is privately-held with headquarters in Toronto, Canada. BOXX's vision is to help businesses, individuals and families stay ahead of, respond to and recover from cyber threats, putting their digital safety first.

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Carrot-led Claims Management Joint Venture Set To Disrupt The Industry Once Again

Carrot | March 23, 2022

Insurance technology platform Carrot General Insurance Corp. (Carrot) and two established insurance companies, Hanwha General Insurance (Hanwha) and Lotte Non-life Insurance Co. (Lotte), are uniting to revolutionize South Korea's insurance claims adjustment system. The parties announced Monday that they are joining forces in "an exclusive strategic alliance" across the South Korean peninsula with the goal to "change the face of the accident handling and claims process". Carrot, holding the largest share stakes in the joint venture, will spearhead the development of the new business with its proprietary data and technology while Hanwha and Lotte support Carrot's leadership. The newly formed platform will commence operations in April 2022 under the name Hero Claims Management Inc. (Hero). the new business] will deliver revolutionary claims management capabilities to its insured clients, lowering settlement time and costs, while making the post-accident process fast, fair and frictionless…By leveraging combined resources, shared infrastructure advantage and technology, Carrot and our partners will realize economies of scale while maximizing operational efficiency." Carrot spokesperson Carrot anticipates that having formed the joint venture will stabilize losses while eliminating obstacles that may hinder the company's rapid growth. Furthermore, Carrot's innovative approach creates a strong systemic foundation for Korean insurers of small to medium sizes, as the service will also be available to other insurance companies. The Hero business will not only increase their cost-effectiveness but will also enable them to offer fast and convenient care to their customers rapidly, regardless of where they are in the country without taking much financial burden. The core service will include AI-driven auto-claims damage assessments, automated FNOL intake, prompt dispatch of adequate services, categorization, automated claims payout, and settlement variability. Furthermore, the new company will develop an extra layer of service tailored for electric and autonomous vehicles, which are clearly on the rise while requiring distinguished solutions. (Note: FNOL is "first notification of loss.") The board has decided to name Eun Lee as the new CEO of Hero. Lee brings decades of extensive experience from Hanwha, including leadership roles in auto insurance, operations, and HR. Carrot recently announced its sales of more than half a million UBI policies within a two-year timeframe. Carrot's driving data analytics, accident restructuring technique, and various machine learning algorithms that enable the automation of processes will form the basis of the future business of Hero. About Carrot General Insurance Corp. Based in Seoul Korea the company was established through a JV partnership with some of the big-name investors, including Hanwha, SK Telecom, Hyundai Motor Group, Altos Ventures, and Stic Investments. Being the nation's first fully-licensed 100% digital insurance carrier, Carrot has been disrupting the market with innovative products and has outpaced its global peers in terms of the speed of acquiring customers to its usage-based insurance program. The company's successful footprint owes itself to strong customer value propositions, including easy and accessible insurance, transparent premiums, AI automated accident registration and prompt dispatch of help services all made possible via proprietary technology. The company is also pursuing business in Pay-As-How-You-Drive auto insurance, which assesses the premiums as per customer's driving patterns and behavior through sensor data analytics. In line with the company's open innovation strategy, Carrot has 100+ national & international partnerships, including South Korean government unit that oversees national highways and traffic controls. About Hanwha General Insurance Hanwha General Insurance Co Ltd is a South Korean company mainly engaged in the non-life insurance business with USD 17.9 billion in total assets. Established in 1946, the company is the first South Korean insurance company funded solely by domestic capital. Their insurance products include fire insurance, marine insurance, automobile insurance, specialty insurance, long-term insurance, private pension insurance and others. The Company also has footprints in the reinsurance sector. In addition, the Company engages in the provision of loan services, such as insurance contract loan, apartment mortgage loan and credit loan services. About Lotte Non-life Insurance Lotte Non-Life Insurance Co., Ltd. is a South Korean insurance company specialized in non-life insurance business. The Company's insurance products include fire insurance, marine insurance, automobile insurance, guarantee insurance, specialty insurance, foreign casualty insurance, long-term insurance, annuity insurance and retirement income insurance, among others. In addition, the Company also provides loan services.

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OpenSpace Collaborates with Shepherd to Provide Qualified Construction Customers with Lower Insurance Premiums

OpenSpace | June 23, 2022

OpenSpace, the global leader in 360° Jobsite capture and AI-powered analytics, announced a new collaboration with Shepherd, a commercial insurance provider for the construction industry, today. Based on their usage, OpenSpace customers will have access to the Casualty Pro excess liability insurance offering, which provides qualified contractors with underwriting credits and improved coverage on their Shepherd insurance policies. In addition, the simple-to-use Capture product from OpenSpace thoroughly documents the site, assisting in resolving disputes and speeding up claims processes. As a result, customers who use OpenSpace typically have a lower risk profile due to their ability to detect potential safety issues and costly errors before they occur. We view the application of jobsite capture as one of the most exciting frontiers in construction risk management, and OpenSpace is the clear category leader, Our partnership allows customers to benefit from their OpenSpace usage by introducing data from the platform as a new category in our underwriting approach. Our fundamental belief is that contractors who leverage technology to be safer deserve to be rewarded by their insurance providers." Shepherd's CEO and co-founder Justin Levine. Builders use OpenSpace Capture to attach a consumer 360° camera to their hardhat and walk around the site as they usually would. Once the video from the walk is uploaded to the cloud, OpenSpace's computer vision technology stitches the images together and pins them to the floor plan, resulting in a reliable visual record of site status. The site's image map, powered by the company's Vision Engine, is typically ready to view about 15 minutes after upload. Better site documentation fosters stronger stakeholder collaboration, reduces the need for project managers to travel to the site, provides a historical record of progress, and can lower insurance premiums.

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