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Chintai has Partnered with DeFi Insurance Provider iTrust

Chintai, a Singapore-based SaaS company that leads in compliant blockchain technology for capital markets, has partnered with iTrust, a decentralized finance insurance protocol. iTrust will provide insurance coverage for deposits, smart contracts, and impermanent loss protection for liquidity providers on the Chintai network, creating a more dependable ecosystem for all users.

The partnership solidified ahead of Chintai's private institutional beta release, which gives financial institutions a no-cost opportunity to test compliant digital asset issuance and secondary trading for traditional assets such as equities, bonds, real estate, and debt. Multiple institutional participants have joined the beta by testing the tokenization of traditional assets on the platform, including investing leaders such as Collective Capital, Chimera Wealth, B1, and Cryptology Asset Group.

iTrust will work to provide syndicated cover on the Chintai network. But what sets iTrust apart is their ability to both provide 'reinsurance' while maximizing the staking benefits for decentralized finance products such as Nexus Mutual, InsurAce, and others.

In an industry that lacks insurance for crypto assets, iTrust is playing an important role for companies like Chintai, which aims to provide an easy-to-use bridge that allows traditional financial institutions to easily port regulated assets to a fully compliant blockchain environment.

"Chintai is an industry leader in providing much-needed professional, regulatory compliant services and platforms to the financial services sector. We are extremely excited to work with Chintai to source and supply syndicated cover to protect its users," said Robert Cooke, Co-Founder & Director of Partnerships for iTrust.

"iTrust fills a gap in the blockchain industry which will enable traditional financial institutions to work with the same industry standards in regards to risk management," said David Packham, CEO of Chintai. "We are delighted to work with iTrust to revolutionize capital markets with our compliant digital asset technology".

The Chintai institutional beta program provides financial institutions with a comprehensive digital asset product suite for compliant issuance, secondary trading, algorithmic market making, and custody. Participants will trial the platform with no up-front cost, which enables experimentation and customizations to suit their specific needs.

About Chintai
Chintai is a Singapore-based company with offices in Germany that uses blockchain technology to modernize capital markets for asset managers, banks, and enterprises. Our core product suite streamlines the life cycle of regulated assets by automating compliance, reporting, data reconciliation, cap table management, corporate actions, liquidity, and more. The technology can be white-labeled to allow anyone to become their own regulated issuer and market operator. Chintai is currently accepting clients into our pilot program for tokenized real estate, funds, debt, and other financial instruments.



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