Cowbell Cyber and Mylo Partner to Enable Distribution of Cyber Insurance for Small Businesses

Cowbell Cyber | November 05, 2020

Cowbell Cyber, the business' first AI-fueled cyber protection supplier for little to moderate sized organizations (SMBs), today reported it has joined forces with Mylo  the computerized representative dispatched by the world's biggest autonomous merchant, Lockton  to empower expanded dissemination of Cowbell's independent cyber protection to the private company market, a region generally underserved by cyber protection.

Organizations of all sizes are getting more dependent on a computerized climate given the present far off setting, frequently leaving them presented to expanded cybersecurity weaknesses including information breaks, ransomware assaults, cyber wrongdoing, and then some. Along these lines, the interest in cyber inclusion has radically expanded as organizations acknowledge cyber protection is currently a need, not an extravagance.

Mylo selected Cowbell Cyber because Cowbell Prime – Cowbell's standalone, admitted cyber insurance programs  addresses the challenges faced by small businesses when considering insurance including:

• Clarity of the policy terms: business owners can now immediately understand the protection they will receive
• Relevancy: Quote and policies are customizable in a few clicks for higher relevancy for the policyholder
• Admitted program: Ensures that everything has been thoroughly vetted by state level agencies
• Superior risk management tools: Free risk assessment and mitigation tools add value to small business on day-one of the policy

"We are excited to partner with Mylo to deliver on the promise of customized cyber coverage and easy-to-use risk management tools for their expanding client base," said Dan Law, Head of National Accounts at Cowbell Cyber. "Partnering with Mylo will allow us to better distribute cyber insurance to the currently underserved markets, ultimately helping customers with their cyber resilience."

"As an advocate for small business owners, we care about helping them prepare for a cyberattack that could threaten everything they've worked so hard to build," said Mylo COO, Belen Tokarski. "Mylo and Cowbell Cyber are a great fit because we both focus on using technology to give businesses the protection they need to anticipate and recover from serious risks."

The partnership brings significant efficiencies to Mylo's agents including:

• Speed: Cowbell Prime enables agents to prepare multiple, customized quotes in a few clicks
• Ease of use and transparency: Selling of cyber insurance is simplified with coverages that are presented to policyholders in an easy to understand manner, along with Cowbell Factors to identify risk deviation from the industry average
• No binding delays: Every quote issued by Cowbell Prime can be instantaneously bound

About Cowbell Cyber
Cowbell Cyber is dedicated to providing standalone, admitted, individualized and easy-to-understand cyber insurance for small and mid-size businesses. In its unique AI-based approach to risk selection and pricing, Cowbell's continuous underwriting platform, powered by Cowbell Factors, compresses the insurance process from submission to issue to less than 5 minutes. Cowbell Insurance Agency is currently licensed in 34 U.S. states and provides SMBs with admitted cyber insurance on AM Best "A" rated paper with up to $15 Million in coverage.

About Mylo
Mylo is a digital one-stop-shop that makes it easy for businesses and individuals to compare and purchase top-rated insurance products from multiple carriers, including business, small group benefits, home, auto, life and individual health. Launched in 2015 by Lockton, the world's largest privately held independent insurance broker, Mylo offers expert insurance recommendations online or on the phone with licensed agents. Mylo can be easily integrated into a partner's customer experience, providing a proven boost in customer engagement.


The Property and Casualty (P&C) insurance industry is being dramatically transformed by digital technologies that are shifting the customer relationship back to the carriers. Beyond working through third-party agents or brokers to purchase insurance policies, more customers are going directly to insurance carriers via their website and other digital channels. Driven by the convenience of online shopping, insurance companies are now expected to provide information that helps customers learn about policies, compare options and even complete an application from virtually any connected device, 24/7.


The Property and Casualty (P&C) insurance industry is being dramatically transformed by digital technologies that are shifting the customer relationship back to the carriers. Beyond working through third-party agents or brokers to purchase insurance policies, more customers are going directly to insurance carriers via their website and other digital channels. Driven by the convenience of online shopping, insurance companies are now expected to provide information that helps customers learn about policies, compare options and even complete an application from virtually any connected device, 24/7.

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On January 19, 2023, HawkSoft, a provider of agency management systems in the insurance industry, and Input 1, which delivers digital billing, payments, and premium finance solutions, entered into a partnership that allows HawkSoft agencies to use premium collection functionalities. Input 1 has spent over 30 years perfecting its comprehensive billing and payments platform, which simplifies the intricacies of the premium collection lifecycle. Input 1's services are used by over 125 carriers, finance companies, managing general agents, and thousands of insurance agents to bill and collect premiums from their customers. HawkSoft's agency management system has succeeded by creating a central insurance platform with API-powered connectivity throughout the insurtech stack. In addition, the company focuses on delivering technology guided by real-world workflows to independent insurance agencies, increasing revenue and efficiency. With the integration of Input 1's premium finance and payments solution, HawkSoft clients can use data directly from their management system to accept digital payments for pay-in-full policies, offer digital premium financing, and set up recurring payments via debit, credit, and ACH. The integration also prevents double-entry in their common workflows. Rushang Shah, Chief Marketing Officer of HawkSoft, said, "One of our key goals is to support the unique approaches independent insurance agencies apply in running their businesses." He further expressed, "We are happy to collaborate with Input 1 and welcome them to our ecosystem as a Solution Partner." (Source – PR Newswire) About HawkSoft Based in Canby (Oregon), Hawsoft provides management systems to organizations that want efficient workflows, unique experiences for employees and policyholders, and tools to foster meaningful relationships. The company, founded by independent agents, provides an innovative system that powers thousands of agencies. HawkSoft aims to assist agents in performing quality work more efficiently - not by pushing them to adapt to the software but by ensuring that it automates the steps that agents already know work best. AboutInput 1 Input 1, LLC offers digital billing and payment solutions to property and liability insurers. The company's digital billing and payment solutions provide insurance carriers and MGAs with tailored offerings at a lower cost and faster implementation than internal IT resources. In addition, its outsourcing helps banks, insurance carriers, and insurance brokers develop lucrative profit centers that increase client support and service alternatives.

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Idelic Inc. recently announced the launch of Idelic Insurance Agency, LLC, a technology-driven managing general agent (MGA) aimed at providing commercial fleets with tailored insurance coverage. The insurance pricing will reflect the fleets’ risk improvement by using the Idelic Program, a comprehensive approach to improving driver safety and reducing crashes. Idelic Insurance Agency also aims to provide a modern approach to improving insurance outcomes by allowing fleets to use technology and processes to reduce losses. The insurance agency will price renewals based on the fleets’ successful adoption and results. The Idelic Program consists of two major components: Safety Suite® and Driver Safety Playbook. Safety Suite® is the best driver performance management platform in the trucking industry. It collects driver risk data and uses machine learning algorithms to identify high-risk drivers. Meanwhile, the Driver Safety Playbook is an excellent guide to engaging drivers, providing coaching and step-by-step professional development plans made by working with insurers and trucking's safest fleets. On average, fleets utilizing Idelic Program can witness a 20% decrease in preventable crashes in the first year. "Commercial auto fleet insurance is inherently complex with a multitude of nuances from fleet to fleet. The process of evaluating risks has traditionally relied on underwriter experience and judgment, but insurers are increasingly looking for a more data-driven way to evaluate risks. Idelic Insurance Agency will do just that," stated Michael Gramm, Senior Vice President of Insurance at Idelic Insurance Agency. "By working closely with fleets that choose to use the Idelic Program, we can better leverage critical driver behavior data to quote policies that reflect their reduced crash risk," he added. (Source – Business Wire) The Idelic Program and Idelic Insurance Agency are timely solutions to help fleets combat rising insurance rates and reduce losses significantly. However, fleet insurance costs and availability are once again among the Top 10 motor carrier executive concerns listed by American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI). About Idelic Inc. Pittsburgh-based Idelic is a software provider dedicated to delivering the best insurance outcomes for fleets. The Idelic Program combines process and technology in a tool designed for and proven successful among fleets and insurers alike. Additionally, the program uses predictive analytics to identify risky drivers and professional development plans to help change behavior patterns and provide insurers with evidence of long-term improvements in crash reduction to negotiate lower rates. The company's experienced technical and industry experts understand the trucking and insurance industries' needs and provide tailored solutions to clients' real problems.

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Fortegra to Offer Underwriting Capacity to Adlaur LLC

Fortegra | March 03, 2023

On March 2, 2023, The Fortegra Group, Inc., a worldwide specialty insurer and Tiptree Inc., announced a partnership with Adlaur LLC, a newly-formed firm helmed by former Spinnaker Insurance Company executives - Adam Tyburski and Laurence Bunin. The partnership will let Fortegra use its A- (Excellent) AM Best Financial Strength Rating to offer innovative capacity solutions to leading MGAs and PAs in niche and under-contracted areas across the United States. Mark Rattner, Executive Vice President and Chief Underwriting Officer at Fortegra, expressed, "We are excited to support Adlaur and its trailblazing approach to program business." He added, "With this independent underwriter bringing company programs that have already been vetted, our strategic relationship will enable Fortegra to continue its growth by efficiently meeting the capacity needs of our MGA partners." (Source – Cision PR Newswire) Adlaur's distinctive methodology combines proactive sourcing, rigorous production partner oversight, and reporting, along with complicated reinsurance structuring and economic modeling expertise. The company was established so that property, liability, and specialty lines, all for small businesses, could be evaluated. Primarily through reinsurance broker markets, the industry will be sought out and written on an admitted, excess, and surplus line basis, with an initial emphasis on excess and surplus line programs. Adlaur can consider per-risk gross limits of up to $2.5 million or net limits of $1 million after reinsurance. Its initial focus will be on lower-limits commercial, specialized personal and specialty lines, and strategic reinsurance for the program business. About Fortegra Fortegra and its subsidiaries have provided risk management solutions for over 40 years, helping people and businesses prosper in unpredictable times. Being a global specialty insurer, the company offers a variety of accepted and surplus insurance and warranty products. The company writes admitted as well as non-admitted insurance and insurance-related products worldwide.

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