Equitable and Bestow Partner to Launch Digital Term Life Insurance Offering

Bestow Inc. | December 09, 2021

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Life insurance technology company Bestow and Equitable, a leading financial services company and principal franchise of Equitable Holdings (NYSE: EQH), today announce a first-of-its-kind enterprise partnership and the launch of a new, entirely digital term life insurance offering called Term-in-10SM.

"As one of the most respected life insurers in the industry, Equitable is the ideal first enterprise carrier partner for us at Bestow, We came together because of our joint commitment to build innovative solutions that expand access to financial protection. We're excited to deliver our unique product expertise and platform to Equitable Advisors, Financial Professionals and customers."

- Melbourne O'Banion, Co-Founder and CEO of Bestow

Powered by Bestow's industry-leading platform, Term-in-10SM was designed for Equitable from the ground up to combine the best of digital distribution paired with the tailored support of a financial professional. It is solely available through Equitable Advisors Financial Professionals who are agents of Equitable Network, LLC — providing a digital solution to existing customers and leveraging technology to reach and serve the next generation of customers.

Existing and prospective Equitable customers work with a financial professional to determine their specific life insurance needs and then apply for a term life insurance policy entirely online. If approved, coverage begins immediately. Bestow's platform transforms the typical several-week term life insurance buying experience into one that is accomplished in about 10 minutes. Designed with simplicity, affordability and value in mind, Term-in-10SM never requires a medical exam and is available in robust coverage amounts up to $1 million and in 10, 15 and 20-year term lengths.

"Insurance is personal. There are substantial advantages to using a financial professional and life insurance agent who understands the specific requirements each client needs to protect their family and provide them with a comprehensive financial strategy, We're excited about the relationship with Bestow as it allows us to provide a better more efficient experience for our current and prospective clients."

- Dave Karr, Chairman of Equitable Advisors.

Bestow's enterprise offering delivers a single source application, underwriting, and policy servicing experience that supports the entire end-to-end sale and administration of term life insurance — with more products to come. Leading carriers like Equitable Financial Life Insurance Company can license Bestow's platform to develop and launch digital solutions that serve new customers, enhance financial professional productivity and reduce substantial cost and time hurdles that come with the administration of term life insurance products. In addition to offering a full-stack solution, Bestow provides the expertise and resources needed to launch digitally optimized life insurance products.

"The insurance space is facing unprecedented change and opportunity given tech-driven disruptions and rising consumer expectations coupled with cost and competitive pressures, We also recognize that the pandemic prompted interest in new protection solutions and the way Americans shop for these products as more folks shifted their attention to focusing on their holistic well-being over the past year. The partnership with Bestow is another important step in our strategy to help   financial professionals serve the needs of their clients with innovative and tailored solutions designed with today's consumer in mind."

- Hector Martinez, Head of the Life Insurance Business at Equitable.

About Bestow
Bestow is the leading life insurance technology company. As both a direct-to-consumer destination and an infrastructure provider, Bestow powers instant life insurance solutions for businesses of all sizes, across any channel. In a world full of unknowns, Bestow is on a mission to make life insurance accessible to millions of underserved families by creating the best possible products and experiences that serve future generations.

About Equitable
Equitable* has been one of America's leading financial services providers since 1859. With the mission to help clients secure their financial well-being, Equitable provides advice, protection and retirement strategies to individuals, families and small businesses. Equitable has more than 8,000 employees and Equitable Advisors financial professionals and serves 2.8 million clients across the country.


Customers are now accustomed to digital-first interactions, with Gen-X in particular expecting a frictionless experience. As a result, brokers are having to rethink how they engage with customers in order to meet these expectations.

Increasing competition from a fast-changing industry – through consolidation and new independent digital-only providers – means they must improve customer satisfaction to stay in the game. Ultimately, broker business success relies on engendering long-term relationships with customers (and partners) based on trust.


Customers are now accustomed to digital-first interactions, with Gen-X in particular expecting a frictionless experience. As a result, brokers are having to rethink how they engage with customers in order to meet these expectations.

Increasing competition from a fast-changing industry – through consolidation and new independent digital-only providers – means they must improve customer satisfaction to stay in the game. Ultimately, broker business success relies on engendering long-term relationships with customers (and partners) based on trust.

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