F&G Selects Majesco to Accelerate Digital Transformation

F&G, Majesco | January 13, 2021

F&G Selects Majesco to Accelerate Digital Transformation
Majesco, global leader of cloud insurance software solutions for insurance business change reported that F&G, a main supplier of annuities and life insurance, has chosen Majesco Distribution Management, Majesco Digital1st® Insurance and Majesco CloudInsurer® to empower their distribution activity and development methodology for digital change.

“In today’s competitive landscape, our ability to rapidly onboard numerous independent brokers, new distribution partners and support acquisition of books of business is crucial to our digital transformation strategy,” said Matt Christensen, SVP Insurance Operations at F&G. “We are proud to partner with Majesco to accelerate our digital transformation strategy better positioning F&G to capture opportunities and growth in a multi-channel world.”

F&G will execute Majesco Digital1st® Insurance to give a cutting edge maker commitment experience for onboarding and self-administration and Majesco Distribution Management for maker relationship management and compensation management all on Majesco CloudInsurer®.

“We are thrilled to have F&G join our customer community and help them accelerate their digital transformation and growth strategy with our next generation distribution solutions,” stated Eric Bustos, Vice President of Digital1st® and Distribution Management at Majesco. “As the insurance market rapidly changes, the distribution landscape is where insurance providers can create and sustain a competitive edge and where our solutions provide the next generation capabilities, today. We look forward to a long strategic partnership with F&G.”

Majesco Distribution Management offers a cutting edge answer for deal with the complexities of a changing distribution landscape utilizing innovation that keeps the insurance suppliers on the main edge by lessening an opportunity to execute another distribution plan or merge the current channel landscape onto a typical stage. From dealing with different channels, to handling mind boggling and high-volume changes, and customizing installment plans for channels, to obliging reconciliation with existing center insurance frameworks, Majesco Distribution Management empowers spryness, advancement and speed.

About Majesco
Majesco provides technology, expertise, and leadership that helps insurers modernize, innovate and connect to build the future of their business and the future of insurance at speed and scale. Our platforms connect people and businesses to insurance in ways that are innovative, hyper-relevant, compelling and personal. Over 200 insurance companies worldwide in P&C, L&A and Group Benefits are transforming their businesses by modernizing, optimizing or creating new business models with Majesco. Our market-leading solutions include CloudInsurer® P&C Core Suite (Policy, Billing, Claims); CloudInsurer® LifePlus Solutions (AdminPlus, AdvicePlus, IllustratePlus, DistributionPlus); CloudInsurer® L&A and Group Core Suite (Policy, Billing, Claims); Digital1st® Insurance with Digital1st® Engagement, Digital1st® EcoExchange and Digital1st® Platform  a cloud native, microservices and open API platform; Distribution Management, Data and Analytics and an Enterprise Data Warehouse.


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Every tax professional has to balance complex regulations and a to-do list that only seems to get longer, but the best tax professionals get a little help from smart technology to give them the leading edge. Download our Tax Department Checklist today to see where you rank among your colleagues and learn how you can work smarte

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