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High Street Insurance Partners Successfully Acquires GTA Insurance Group

High Street Insurance Partners | December 14, 2021

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High Street Insurance Partners ("HSIP") announced today that it has acquired Nebraska-based GTA Insurance Group.

GTA Insurance Group provides comprehensive insurance and risk management solutions across Nebraska. It has an extensive agricultural practice and offers business and personal insurance, as well as benefits.

"We are thrilled to have GTA Insurance Group join HSIP, This represents over 30 new offices across Nebraska, which greatly expands our footprint in communities across the Midwest. More importantly, this partnership allows us to provide deep agricultural expertise to our clients."

- Scott Wick, CEO of HSIP.

We are excited to join HSIP. Together we will be able to better serve our clients, our employees, and our communities. We'll also be able to add new clients who will benefit greatly from this partnership and its shared, community focused philosophy.

- Krae Dutoit, President, GTA Insurance Group

HSIP is one of the fastest growing insurance brokerages in North America. The firm has now completed 83 acquisitions since forming the company in mid-2018.

About High Street Insurance Partners
High Street Insurance Partners (HSIP) is a full-service, independent insurance brokerage firm.  Founded in 2018, the Traverse City, Michigan-based company provides a broad array of business insurance & risk management; employee benefits & human capital management; financial & retirement services; and personal insurance solutions delivered through community-focused agencies.  HSIP employs over 1,700 insurance specialists & consultants in offices based in Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, & Washington.


It’s no secret that the global pandemic has upended everyone’s life. We know this anecdotally from our own experiences—more online shopping with curbside pickup orders, ordering takeout and delivery versus in-person dining, and changing media consumption. And let’s not forget remote working and learning. These experiences are more than simply anecdotal; McKinsey has written about the more specific effects of the pandemic on consumer behavior and needs. In short, they write: “behavior changes will reshape consumer decision journeys and companies will need to adapt fast.”


It’s no secret that the global pandemic has upended everyone’s life. We know this anecdotally from our own experiences—more online shopping with curbside pickup orders, ordering takeout and delivery versus in-person dining, and changing media consumption. And let’s not forget remote working and learning. These experiences are more than simply anecdotal; McKinsey has written about the more specific effects of the pandemic on consumer behavior and needs. In short, they write: “behavior changes will reshape consumer decision journeys and companies will need to adapt fast.”

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McGill and Partners announces new appointments as it continues to drive its growth agenda

Business Wire | August 14, 2023

McGill and Partners, the global boutique specialist (re)insurance broker, has announced several important leadership appointments within its US operations. Karl Hennessy, who currently leads the Global Specialty Insurance teams in London, will be appointed CEO of McGill Global Risk Solutions LLC, the US insurance and reinsurance business, and will move to New York from London, subject to visa approvals. He will be supported by John Judice, who is appointed President of the US business with immediate effect and will be responsible for driving sales and business development activity across McGill and Partners’ specialty insurance platform. Warren Mula will remain Chairman of the US business. Nirali Shah has been appointed Head of US D&O and to further support Business Development activity in the US, Daisy Jackson has been appointed Partner, Business Development, and will move to New York from London, subject to visa approvals. Alyssa Gerardi is appointed as Steve McGill’s Chief of Staff and has moved from New York to London. As Karl transitions to the US, his previous responsibilities will be taken over by our Chairman, John Lloyd. McGill and Partners works closely with many leading high-quality retail and/or wholesale brokerage firms and/or (re)insurers as well as global clients and their captives to deliver superior solutions and services to this segment. Specifically, the focus of the firm is on the design structuring and placement of world class (re)insurance solutions, particularly for larger or more complex clients. Steve McGill, CEO of McGill and Partners, said: “Since we launched four years ago, we have developed a value proposition and business model that is highly differentiated, enabling us to deliver industry leading organic revenue growth. The US is the most important (re)insurance market in the world and these leadership changes are designed to reinforce our commitment to the US market, for the benefit of all our trading partners and clients.” About McGill and Partners McGill and Partners is the fastest growing specialty (re)insurance broker in the world with a boutique approach to help clients manage their most complex and challenging needs. It was launched in 2019 and the firm has significant backing from funds affiliated with Warburg Pincus, a leading global private equity firm. McGill and Partners is a global business with centres of excellence in London and New York.

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Innoveo Announces Strategic Alliance with Capgemini to Address Insurance Business Challenges with No-Code Solutions

PR Newswire | August 28, 2023

Innoveo, a leading no-code technology provider for insurance enterprises, today announced a strategic alliance with Capgemini, a leading global consulting and technology services firm. This partnership will enable both companies to join forces and deliver innovative digital transformation solutions to insurance clients across various lines of business. As businesses navigate an increasingly complex and rapidly evolving digital landscape, the need for agile and efficient technology solutions has become paramount. Innoveo's full-stack no-code platform enables insurers to build robust and scalable applications rapidly, without the need for extensive coding knowledge. Capgemini's deep expertise in consulting, technology, and industry-specific solutions makes them the perfect partner to further enhance the value of Innoveo's platform. Combining Innoveo's innovative platform with Capgemini's extensive experience in digital transformation, insurers will be equipped with the tools and guidance needed to accelerate their path to success. The alliance between Innoveo and Capgemini will provide clients with a comprehensive range of services, including: Accelerated Digital Transformation: By harnessing Innoveo's full-stack no-code platform, organizations can rapidly develop and deploy digital solutions tailored to their unique needs, resulting in accelerated digital transformation journeys. Streamlined Application Development: Innoveo's platform simplifies the application development process, allowing businesses to build robust and scalable applications with minimal coding. This enables organizations to streamline their development cycles and bring solutions to market faster. Industry-Specific Expertise: Capgemini's deep industry knowledge combined with Innoveo's full-stack insurance focused platform will enable the creation of solutions that address unique challenges and opportunities across the insurance landscape. Enhanced Operation Efficiency: The alliance will focus on enhancing operational efficiency by leveraging Innoveo Skye's platform capabilities to develop user-friendly applications that address the complicated workflow and back-end integration issues of the Insurance industry. "We are excited to announce our strategic alliance with Capgemini," said Manisha Bhargava, Chief Revenue Officer at Innoveo. "Combining our full-stack no-code platform with Capgemini's extensive capabilities, our jointly created industry solutions/accelerators and industry innovation lab will provide our clients with much needed acceleration for their transformation efforts and empowering them to stay ahead in the digital age." "Legacy modernization is top of mind for the insurance industry. To minimize the risk of full-scale legacy core replacement and accelerate the process, we are increasingly seeing insurers partner with firms that provide low-code and no-code platforms," said Kathy Miller, VP and Head of Worldwide Insurance Alliances, Capgemini. "Innoveo's cutting-edge technology solution aligns perfectly with our goal of delivering superior value to our clients, driving innovation, automating manual processes, and unlocking new revenue streams for Insurance Carriers." About Innoveo We believe you can build modern applications that deliver digital experiences and drive business growth without having to write any custom code. That's why it's our mission to empower enterprises in complex and regulated industries to re-imagine application development by enabling them to be connected, innovative, quick, and nimble. Backed by leading investors including Everstone Capital and Paulson & Co, Innoveo's cloud based, AI enabled no-code platform is currently in production globally at over 30 industry leaders across insurance, financial services, healthcare and real estate. With Innoveo, you'll get the solutions and industry expertise you want, plus a little extra: a thoughtful, no-nonsense experience delivered with a refreshing dose of honesty.

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Indico Data enhances Indico Intelligent Intake Solution leveraging Azure OpenAI Services

PRnewswire | June 28, 2023

Indico Data, a leader of intelligent intake solutions for unstructured data, today announced the launch of its integration with Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service to extend Indico's Enterprise Large Language Model (LLM) capabilities using the latest in generative artificial intelligence (AI). Initial use cases will focus on enabling insurance carriers to dramatically increase underwriting and claims intake capacity and improve processing efficiency. As the pioneers in the use of Enterprise LLMs, the integration is yet another step in the company's overall strategy of providing the leading solution for the transformation of unstructured data into actionable insights to drive better intake and better outcomes for insurers and their customers. The integration with Azure OpenAI Service technology is another milestone in the company's long storied history of innovation and success in AI. Indico's co-founder Alec Radford published the seminal generative AI paper on DC-GANs, which is still one of the most cited papers to be published in this space. This foundation paved the way for what we're seeing today with generative AI: DALL-E, Stable Diffusion, and – of course – GPT-4. In addition, Indico was the first to market with a secure large language model solution for the enterprise and has maintained a strong leadership position in the rapid adoption and deployment of subsequent innovations such as BERT, RoBERTa, GPT-2, GPT-3 and more. Already a partner with Microsoft, Indico is now deepening its relationship by leveraging the latest generative AI capabilities built on highly secure, enterprise grade cloud technologies. The first product enhancements to be released will include the Indico Prompt Studio and Summarization Studio. Both features take advantage of Azure OpenAI Service to allow users to dramatically accelerate the ease and speed at which they can automate processes, in some cases going from days to hours. Integrated with Indico's patented Intelligent Intake application interface, Indico's Prompt Studio will fully automate the creation of custom machine learning models by just describing with a simple text prompt the desired data elements to be classified and extracted from the submissions related to claims, underwriting and policy servicing. This accelerates machine learning model creation from days to minutes, accelerating customer time to value. For data security, these models are then converted to use Indico's Enterprise LLM entirely within the customer's firewall. Indico's Summarization Studio integrates with Azure OpenAI Service to extract claims and policy data and present a summarized view of all related policy details to the analyst. The summarized view supports decision making and points out anomalies in an effort to expedite "covered or not" decisions. By utilizing state of the art machine learning, users are now able to "interrogate" submitted documents and produce summary data that typically take hours to research and create manually. Looking into the future, Indico also plans to enhance its workflow canvas with a variety of no-code features through Azure OpenAI Service, enabling users to customize Indico workflows to meet their specific business needs without requiring custom coding. "We are thrilled to utilize the power of Azure OpenAI Service to the insurance industry and beyond," said Tom Wilde, CEO Indico Data. "As the pioneers of enterprise large language models, we are huge believers in the impact this breakthrough innovation can bring to the unstructured data challenges that are so pervasive in industry to power decisioning and analytics platforms across the enterprise." Jim DeMarco, Director of Insurance Strategy at Microsoft added, "Indico Data's integration with Azure Open AI Service helps customers unlock new insights at massive scale and speed. Their solution will help insurers and other regulated firms securely unlock new insights from their structured and unstructured data." Insurers stand to benefit greatly from the efficiencies gained by leveraging Indico Data with Azure OpenAI Service. The increase in speed and accuracy coupled with expanded underwriting and claims processing will lead to faster response times, increased gross written premiums and improved customer satisfaction. Indico Data automates critical workflows for enterprises in document-intensives industries, including insurance, financial services and commercial real estate. With the Indico Intelligent Intake™ Solution, organizations of all sizes can free their experts from tedious, manual tasks, and allow them to deliver more business value. Now, better intake yields better outcomes. Visit to learn more. About Indico Data Legacy intake solutions have forced organizations to choose between speed and accuracy, weighing risk versus revenue. With Indico Data’s Intelligent Intake Solution, now you don’t have to compromise. The Indico Data Intelligent Intake solution gives document-intensive industries the best of all worlds, enabling data-driven decision-making, with unparalleled speed, at enterprise scale. Indico Data’s Intelligent Intake solution drives better outcomes through better intake.

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