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Hiro and collaborative finance provider StepLadder partner to bring prevention-first insurance to members

Hiro, the prevention-first smart insurtech, is announcing a partnership with StepLadder, the collaborative finance company. The relationship offers StepLadder members access to Hiro's innovative insurance, and paves the way for further collaboration between the two companies.

This is another exciting partnership for Hiro, which also has relationships with a number of smart home vendors including Ring, Philips Hue, Netatmo and Abode. The insurtech empowers its members to adopt a prevention-first approach, offering discounts on smart tech which enables them to proactively protect their homes, and giving members a fairer price on insurance for doing so. StepLadder invites members into collaborative Circles to fund particular home-related finance projects, whether that be raising money for a deposit on a house, or funding some home improvement or renovation. Each Circle Member puts a set amount of money into a pot each month, which is then awarded as a lump sum to one Member of the Circle per month, meaning 90% of members reach their savings target faster.

"As we do with insurance, StepLadder is taking on a traditional industry – lending – and burning the rulebook in a truly innovative way. We're always looking to develop relationships with like-minded companies, so it really stood out to us," says Hamza Abbas, Head of Partnerships at Hiro. "We understand that money can't replace invaluable items, or buy back the hard work people put into buying a home. This is why we're delighted to offer StepLadder members insurance that not only pays out should something bad happen, but that helps them to proactively protect their homes and prized possessions." There is also scope for the partnership between the companies to grow, with Hiro members potentially set to benefit from StepLadder's collaborative finance in the future.

"We're excited to work with Hiro as it shares our ethos of truly helping people to improve their lives. Of course, there is a natural link between our businesses, and it is great that our Members can now benefit from Hiro's forward-thinking insurance," says Matthew Addison, CEO at StepLadder. "Hopefully, this is just the start. We have some ideas in the pipeline that will enable as many people as possible to reap the rewards of our shared innovation."

About Hiro
Hiro is swapping reactive for proactive. It helps you to defend the things you hold dear – the things that money can't replace – and empowers you with smart tech that prevents bad things from happening. It'll even reward you with lower prices, just for being a safer homeowner – and give you access to amazing discounts on tech to help you get the most out of your insurance, whether you claim or not. And if you decide Hiro isn't for you, it won't be held against you. You can cancel your monthly subscription whenever you like, straight from the Hiro app. No cancellation fees, no nonsense. This is simple, transparent home insurance that helps to protect not just your valuables, but your invaluables.

About StepLadder:
StepLadder is a fast growing and award-winning company pioneering collaborative finance and  revolutionising the home buying process. Through their collaborative lending Circles StepLadder are supporting people to buy their first home faster, reach their financial goals, and championing financial wellbeing.



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