Hub International To Provide Tenant Liability Captive To Residential Rental Real Estate Clients To Retain Insurance Premiums And Mitigate Risks

HUB International | December 01, 2021

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Hub International Limited (HUB), a leading global insurance brokerage and financial services firm, has developed HUB Tenant Liability Captive Insurance for owners, operators and managers of residential rental real estate that will create an additional revenue stream for them by enabling them to retain the majority of the paid premium.

Working with Property Owners Protection Insurance Company, LLC (POPIC), an A-Rated insurer, HUB will roll out the captive to its more than 13,000 residential real estate clients in the U.S. and later in Canada.

"With POPIC, we are changing how a resident liability insurance program can be structured, Chip" Stuart, HUB's Real Estate Specialty Practice Leader. "Our clients will ultimately benefit economically from the captive, collecting the insurance premiums, mitigating risks and easing the administrative burden of implementing and running the program."

- James

Multi-family, student housing and single-family residential rentals require residents to carry liability insurance or "renters' insurance". In the traditional model, an owner, operator and manager will partner with a third-party insurance provider to provide this coverage. HUB Tenant Liability Captive Insurance is designed to give residents a simple, convenient option to fulfill the insurance requirement of the lease while allowing owners, operators and managers to retain the majority of paid premium, rather than a third-party insurance company. The captive insures against resident damage to the property, caused by fire, smoke, explosion, water damage and falling objects and has a policy limit of $100,000 per occurrence with no deductible and no aggregate limit.

With HUB Tenant Liability Captive Insurance, HUB continues its commitment to providing tailored insurance solutions designed to best manage its real estate clients' risks and needs. For more information on HUB Tenant Liability Captive Insurance, click here.

About HUB International
Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, Hub International Limited is a leading full-service global insurance broker and financial services firm providing risk management, insurance, employee benefits, retirement and wealth management products and services. With more than 13,000 employees in offices located throughout North America, Hub's vast network of specialists brings clarity to a changing world with tailored solutions and unrelenting advocacy, so clients are ready for tomorrow.


Artificial intelligence will transform the insurance industry. Watch Sasha Sanyal, Genpact's Global Business Leader for Insurance, discuss how insurers are using AI to impress and retain their customers.


Artificial intelligence will transform the insurance industry. Watch Sasha Sanyal, Genpact's Global Business Leader for Insurance, discuss how insurers are using AI to impress and retain their customers.

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Socotra, the modern core platform provider for innovative insurers, today announced that KOBA Insurance, an insurtech MGA pioneering usage-based insurance products in Australia, is migrating its insurance program onto the Socotra policy core platform. Currently, KOBA is one of the first insurers to offer pay-per-kilometer personal auto insurance in Australia. Since launching nationwide last November, KOBA is rapidly evolving the car insurance narrative; growing 50% month-on-month, helping Aussies pay-per-KM for over 1,000,000KM across Australia and more importantly, providing a connection between a driver and insurer like never before. Traditional insurance only covers expenses to get you back on the road. But that is not enough. KOBA believes that modern car companies and smart insurers of the future will be about making you safer, helping you avoid accidents, and focus on building a true car-care relationship. With a data-driven focus, KOBA is nimble and is innovating distribution and product solutions for niche markets. In June 2022, KOBA also launched a car share product in partnership with Uber-owned Car Next Door. KOBA plans to expand its portfolio to include other usage-based insurance products for boats, fleets, rideshare vehicles and motorcycles. Socotra gives KOBA a platform for international scalability and the ability to introduce new products and innovations quickly as KOBA evolves its distribution model. Socotra also provides cloud-native capabilities and the flexibility to plug in multiple raters, claims systems and a single platform to launch any insurance product for any geography or distribution channel. “KOBA is empowering mid-sized carriers to activate and scale innovative insurance products—from day one, By partnering with Socotra, we are laying down a rock-solid technological foundation to rapidly launch multiple usage-based insurance products, flexibly white-label them for mid-sized carriers, and scale our insurance-as-a-service platform internationally.” -Andrew Wong, founder and CEO of KOBA Usage-based insurance (UBI) is auto coverage that uses data collected from the driver’s vehicle and analyzed by the insurer to determine policy cost. The better the driver, the better the discount. KOBA’s Insurance as a Service Platform provides carriers access to their line of white-label products on a subscription basis. Mid-sized insurance carriers have been reluctant to launch usage-based insurance products because such offerings require them to redesign not only their technology platforms, but also their processes and organization structures. But KOBA will enable mid-sized carriers around the world to sell white-labeled versions of its innovative and tech-driven products, without having to spend the time, money and effort to create these products themselves. KOBA will provide insurance-as-a-service with its out-of-the-box pricing models, raters and go-to-market strategies. KOBA, which designs products for value-driven customers, was the winner of the Excellence in Insurtech award at the seventh annual FinTech Australia Finnie Awards in 2022. It won Mozo Expert Choice Awards’ “Car Insurance Best New Product 2022” and “Excellent Value Car Insurance 2022,” as well as “Best Insurtech Innovation 2022” by Australia’s Finder Awards. It was also recognized, alongside Socotra, as one of the 10 leading insurtech companies in Australia by Insurance Business Australia. I applaud the team at KOBA for their vision of accelerating innovation for mid-sized carriers, KOBA understands that data is central to better assessing risk and giving customers the types of experiences they have with other technology services daily. With Socotra, they’re creating usage-based insurance products that deliver immense value and cost savings for their customers,said Dan Woods, founder and CEO, Socotra. About Socotra Socotra brings unparalleled speed and ease to insurance technology. With Socotra’s modern core platform, global insurers and insurtech MGAs can accelerate product development, reduce maintenance costs and improve customer experiences. Socotra provides open APIs, a product-agnostic data model and out-of-the-box capabilities to manage the entire policy lifecycle, making insurance innovation faster, easier and more affordable.

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Verisk launches EV Database for UK and Irish motor insurance markets

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The number of electric vehicles sold in the UK and Ireland continues to rise. The risk profile of cars on the road is changing, making access to technical electric vehicle data critical for insurers and brokers. To help support strategic underwriting and pricing decision making, Verisk (Nasdaq: VRSK), a leading global data analytics provider, announced the launch of its Electric Vehicle Database for the UK and Ireland. Verisk’s Electric Vehicle Database is a proprietary, technical dataset for all new and existing models of battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs). The Database provides insurers, brokers, and MGAs with a pivotal advantage in the electric vehicle space, with access to over 175 technical attributes. These attributes include an EV’s battery, efficiency, and performance, as well as information on each vehicle’s acceleration, top speed, range of a single charge in different conditions, battery capacity, charger location and warranty period. “We’ve entered the electric motor age, and Verisk is uniquely equipped to help insurers to create new rating attributes for prediction of risk associated with EVs, Verisk is working with its customers to bring new datasets and services that help them to continue to make well-informed decisions as technologies and regulations change.” -Jonathan Guard, commercial director, Ireland, Verisk All of the electric vehicle datasets are available via batch append services or through Verisk’s Data Insight Hub, a continuously expanding source of insurance data and analytics accessible at any part of the customer journey, including the point of quote. Verisk is a leading provider of motor vehicle data and services to insurers, MGAs and brokers in the UK and Irish market. Such services include matching vehicle registrations to rating code groups, claims alerts, technical data and new datasets such as windscreen data. The Verisk Data Insights Hub provides these datasets and services, including the Electric Vehicle Database in a fast automated API service that meets the needs of the market’s point of quote services. About Verisk Verisk (Nasdaq: VRSK) provides data-driven analytic insights and solutions for the insurance and energy industries. Through advanced data analytics, software, scientific research and deep industry knowledge, Verisk empowers customers to strengthen operating efficiency, improve underwriting and claims outcomes, combat fraud and make informed decisions about global issues, including climate change and extreme events as well as political and ESG topics. With offices in more than 30 countries, Verisk consistently earns certification by Great Place to Work and fosters an inclusive culture where all team members feel they belong.

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Milliman launches ALM software to help insurers of all sizes meet stochastic valuation requirements

Milliman | November 23, 2022

Milliman, Inc., a premier global consulting and actuarial firm, today announced the release of Milliman Agile ALM. This innovative software package makes asset/liability management (ALM) and stochastic valuation accessible to more insurers, helping them comply with Solvency II, IFRS 17, and other requirements. "The fundamental advantage of Milliman Agile ALM is that it does not require remodeling the entire portfolio of insurance liabilities, Milliman Agile ALM offers an accessible solution that helps insurers satisfy reporting requirements and make business decisions with greater confidence." -Ed Morgan, principal and Head of Strategy and M&A for Milliman's practices in Italy and Central and Eastern Europe Unlike traditional dynamic ALM models, Milliman Agile ALM uses a standalone asset projection model that can be linked to external liability software. Rather than simulating assets interacting with liabilities, the technology runs separate asset and liability models in an iterative process that quickly arrives at a single solution. Our approach is unique because of our method for separating the asset model from the liability model, This separation is highly efficient as it allows us to take advantage of a client's existing liability modeling and focus the validation directly on the ALM modeling and interactions,said Grzegorz Darkiewicz-Moniuszko, senior consultant at Milliman. Using Milliman Agile ALM, insurers can test different investment and product strategies, optimize management actions, project capital requirements, and even validate other ALM models, all without significant investment or retraining. About Milliman Milliman is among the world's largest providers of actuarial and related products and services. The firm has consulting practices in healthcare, property & casualty insurance, life insurance and financial services, and employee benefits. Founded in 1947, Milliman is an independent firm with offices in major cities around the globe.

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