Majesco Expands Digital1st EcoExchange with Additional Verisk Underwriting Solutions

Majesco | July 28, 2021

Majesco, a global leader in cloud insurance platform software for insurance business transformation, today announced that A-PLUS (loss history), Coverage VerifierSM (policy history), Roof Age, Major Systems, and Condition Score property insights had been added to Majesco's Digital1st EcoExchange by Verisk, a leading global data analytics provider.

Majesco Digital1st EcoExchange is a next-generation partner ecosystem that uses third-party services to provide a truly plug-and-play environment. It offers carriers with pre-integrated capabilities with Majesco solutions to assist insurers in digitizing, optimizing, and innovating their business, customer, and channel requirements now and in the future. In addition, Verisk, a long-standing partner, extended its current applications on Majesco's marketplace with the following:

A-PLUS is a comprehensive loss history database fueled by insurer contributions that allow for more accurate personal car underwriting and rating at the time of quotation. A-PLUS reporting tools allow quick choices based on data from various loss and coverage types. The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) regulates full-detail reports, which offer up to seven years of claims activity on risks.

The FCRA-regulated Coverage Verifier offers up to seven years of personal auto insurance history to assist in identifying current, lapsed, or suspended coverages, guiding critical underwriting and rating decisions, and reducing fraud.

Roof Age uses Verisk's extensive industry expertise and advanced data science to estimate the age of a structure's roof by combining permit insights, assessor records, and various other data elements. As a result, roof Age enables insurers to rapidly evaluate the age of a structure's roof to provide roof year and actionable, numeric confidence ratings for use in underwriting and rating applications.

Major Systems offers information on the health of a structure's major systems, including the building, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems. These insights are important for insurers to find a balance between real risk exposure and exceptional customer service.

By better knowing a property's history, Condition Score allows insurers to improve their underwriting approach. A property's score considers significant property change events such as maintenance, remodeling, and renovation activity, as well as related cost drivers. Thus, allowing insurers to segment and underwrite risks using a variable covering a property's whole history.

With the inclusion of these Verisk accelerators, Majesco clients may better price risk for improved profitability, make recommendations on loss control/prevention during underwriting, and simplify the application and underwriting process.

About Majesco
Majesco is the leading software partner for the P&C and L&A insurance industries, enabling clients to modernize, optimize, and innovate at scale. Majesco's next-generation SaaS platform solutions of core, data and analytics, digital, distribution, absence management, and a rich ecosystem marketplace of established and InsurTech partners are used by over 330 insurers, ranging from greenfields, start-ups, and MGAs to the largest insurers, reinsurers, and brokers, to build the future of insurance.

Our technology, experience, and leadership assist insurers in innovating and connecting to build their business's future. We have an amazing track record of innovation and real-world results, with over 825 successful implementations and over 65 % of our clients on Cloud with Majesco platform solutions.


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MetricStream and C-Risk Partner to Accelerate the Adoption and Value of Cyber Risk Quantification

MetricStream | November 01, 2022

MetricStream, the global market leader in integrated risk management (IRM) and governance, risk, and compliance (GRC), and C-Risk, a leading international authority in cyber risk quantification (CRQ), today announced a partnership to jointly offer MetricStream’s CyberGRC and C-Risk’s CRQ enablement and training services to customers. The combination of MetricStream’s CyberGRC that includes advanced CRQ and Simulation, and C-Risk’s enablement services will enable faster time to value and help operationalise CRQ initiatives for organisations. Cyber risk management has become a critical business issue for companies of all sizes and industries. However, decisions concerning insurance, controls to be implemented, investments in IT and security projects, tools, and resources are often made without understanding the plethora of risks that exists in each scenario and how a proposed solution can reduce those risks in monetary terms. CRQ, in particular the Factor Analysis of Information Risk™ (FAIR™) standard, allows modelling of risk scenarios and quantification of the financial impact using statistical and probabilistic techniques. "Cyber risk quantification is a decision support tool that helps organisations present risk in financial terms to general management, justify and prioritise cyber security budgets as well as optimise a company's cyber insurance. It is the obvious next step in the GRC program of any organisation wanting to improve its cyber security governance,” - Christophe Forêt, President of C-Risk CISO’s and cyber leaders across industries are looking to prioritise and address their cyber risks, as well as drive maximum ROI from their cyber investments, We are excited to partner with C-Risk to accelerate the value of MetricStream’s CRQ capabilities with targeted FAIR™ training and enablement,said Raghuram Srinivas, Senior Vice President, Product Management, MetricStream. About MetricStream MetricStream is the global SaaS (Software as a Service) leader of Integrated Risk Management and GRC solutions that empower organizations to thrive on risk by accelerating growth via risk-aware decisions. We connect governance, risk management and compliance across the extended enterprise. Our ConnectedGRC and three product lines – BusinessGRC, CyberGRC, and ESGRC – are based on a single, scalable platform that supports you wherever you are on your GRC journey. MetricStream is headquartered in San Jose, California, with an operations and R&D center in Bangalore, India, and sales and operations support around the globe. About C-Risk: C-Risk provides solutions to quantify information security and technology risk in financial terms. We help organisations understand information risk in business terms, decide how to prioritize investments to improve cyber resilience and information security compliance. Recognized internationally for its expertise in cyber risk quantification (CRQ), C-Risk offers training on the FAIR™️ methodology, CRQ as a Service as well as Cyber Risk Quantification Enablement Services to help organization build their internal risk quantification capabilities and improve their overall information security governance.

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One Inc Partners with Hi Marley to Disrupt Claims Payment Processing and Modernize the Policyholder Experience

One Inc | October 27, 2022

One Inc, the leading digital payments network for the insurance industry, announced today that it has integrated the Hi Marley Insurance Cloud with One Inc’s ClaimsPay® platform. This valuable new integration allows carriers to conduct text message conversations with claimants inclusive of digital payment, a unified and modern approach. The text-based opt-in for Hi Marley customers seamlessly integrates payments within their active insurance workflows, ensuring policyholders have a modern, complete experience within a single text engagement. This increased automation and simplification of the claims process, from digital claims initiation with Hi Marley straight through to claim payment with One Inc, improving the experience for adjusters, policyholders and vendors. Designed with a seamless policyholder experience in mind, no app download is required for policyholders to use the service. One Inc’s ClaimsPay configuration will include the option to seamlessly integrate with Hi Marley, running Hi Marley-generated Case IDs through the ClaimsPay API. One Inc clients may utilize their existing APIs to access the service. “Better user touchpoints are a key priority for insurers looking to transform the experience around claims workflow and payments, and One Inc has long sought to make these interactions as seamless as possible, By using text functionality from Hi Marley in ClaimsPay, carriers can literally put payments flexibility at their policyholder’s fingertips. We are thrilled with this partnership and fully expect that expansive new communications channels, enabled by partners like Hi Marley, will prove critical as we reimagine the way claims are initiated, managed, and distributed.” -One Inc CEO, Ian Drysdale The pace of change in our insurance industry lies with leaders who provide breakthrough simplicity while managing customer expectations and removing points of friction, The magic is delivering an empathetic and streamlined policyholder experience, where human interaction is facilitated by technology. We’re excited about our One Inc partnership, as together we can enable carriers to connect and build trust with customers and communicate and transact simply meeting policyholders where they are,said Mike Greene, CEO of Hi Marley. About One Inc One Inc is modernizing the insurance industry through a unified and frictionless payment network. Focusing only on the insurance industry, One Inc helps carriers transform their operations by reducing costs, increasing security, and optimizing customer experience. The comprehensive end-to-end digital payments platform provides expanded payment options, multi-channel digital communications, and rapid digital claim payment, even for the most complex insurance use cases. As one of the fastest growing digital payments platforms in the insurance industry, One Inc manages billions of dollars per year in premiums and claims payments. About Hi Marley Hi Marley is the intelligent collaboration platform for the insurance industry. Built by people who know and love insurance, the platform enables hassle-free texting across the entire ecosystem, empowering insurance professionals and delighting policyholders. Hi Marley’s industry leading analytics deliver novel insights that fuel continuous improvement. The solution is built for the enterprise - fast to deploy, easy to use and seamlessly integrates with other core systems. Hi Marley is empowering the world’s leading insurance carriers to reinvent the customer and employee experience.

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Policygenius and CBIZ Announce Partnership to Expand Life Insurance Offerings and Empower Agents to Place More Term Life Coverage

Policygenius and CBIZ | October 04, 2022

Policygenius and CBIZ announced today a partnership to bring Policygenius Pro, a term life fulfillment platform, to CBIZ's extensive network of insurance professionals. Policygenius Pro is a turnkey partnerships platform that helps advisors accelerate and streamline life insurance sales. With this tool, advisors can refer their clients to Policygenius to take them through the process, from finalizing policy selection to placing coverage in-force. This partnership enables CBIZ to expand its term life insurance offerings by giving their clients access to Policygenius' wide variety of insurers and policy options, including accelerated underwriting offerings exclusively available on the Policygenius platform. CBIZ plans to harness Policygenius' award-winning services for term life cases that are a great match for these services, enabling them to better focus on other goals. This ultimately provides clients with the best service possible, while also helping CBIZ save time and make their term life production more profitable. "Policygenius Pro gives us a way to both expand and streamline our term life production, We trust Policygenius Pro to provide top-tier service to our clients while also empowering our agents to have more thorough and holistic conversations about life insurance." -Anne Long, RICP and President of Life Insurance Solutions at CBIZ The partnership is initially rolled out to CBIZ advisors who have each been equipped with unique landing pages and engagement tools to launch into life insurance conversations with their clients. They can take advantage of Policygenius' expansive carrier shelf to provide clients with a breadth of coverage options and confidently discuss how these may fit in with their larger financial plans. With Policygenius Pro, CBIZ agents and clients receive support from an expert staff of 200+ dedicated specialists for case management, underwriting, and product support. To date, the platform has helped partners cut placement times by half, on average, and reduced the average time an advisor spends on an application from 2.5 hours to about 15 minutes. Advisors often shy away from placing term life coverage for their clients because it can be so time- and cost-intensive. CBIZ is different. They've made it their mission to provide both robust and personalized financial guidance for their clients, including the right life insurance coverage, We're thrilled to be able to partner with such a forward-thinking organization that values the customer experience and trusts us to be the life insurance fulfillment partner for their customers,said Jennifer Fitzgerald, CEO and co-founder of Policygenius. About Policygenius Pro Policygenius Pro is a turnkey partnerships platform that helps independent agents and financial advisors accelerate and streamline life insurance sales. With this program, Policygenius provides its one-stop-shop insurance solution to financial advisors, independent agents, community banks, credit unions, and more, with the goal of helping partners' clients get the insurance coverage they need. Partners receive access to a wide variety of insurers, coverage types, and policy options, including accelerated underwriting offerings exclusively available on the Policygenius platform. About Policygenius Policygenius transforms the insurance journey for today's consumer, providing a one-stop platform where customers can compare options from top insurance carriers, get unbiased expert advice, buy policies, and manage their insurance portfolio, in one seamless, integrated experience. Our proprietary technology platform integrates with the leading life, disability, and home and auto insurance carriers and delivers an exceptional digital experience for both consumers and insurance carriers. Since 2014, our content, digital tools, and experts have served as a resource for millions of people on their insurance journey, and we have sold more than $170 billion in coverage. About CBIZ CBIZ, Inc. provides professional business services that help clients better manage their finances and employees. CBIZ provides its clients with financial services, including accounting, tax, financial advisory, government health care consulting, risk advisory, real estate consulting and valuation services. Employee services include employee benefits consulting, property and casualty insurance, retirement plan consulting, payroll, life insurance, HR consulting and executive recruitment. As one of the largest accounting, insurance brokerage and valuation companies in the United States, the Company's services are provided through more than 100 Company offices in 33 states. About CBIZ Life Insurance Solutions CBIZ Life Insurance Solutions, Inc. is a full-service brokerage general agency with a 40-year legacy. We offer solutions utilizing life insurance, annuities, long-term care, disability, executive benefits and life settlements. We take advantage of our unique access to seasoned professionals servicing other products lines within the broader CBIZ organization. In addition, we continue to support and grow our legacy relationships with independent producers. Our industry intelligence is carefully integrated to help ensure the most favorable result is obtained.

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