Renewable Guard, Hailsure Join Hands to Develop a New Parametric Hail Insurance Program to Renewable Energy Projects

Renewable Guard | April 30, 2020

  • Renewable Guard Insurance Brokers, LLC is pleased to announce a new partnership with Hailsure Underwriting Managers, LLC to deliver a new parametric hail insurance program.

  • Hailsure is a leading specialist in developing innovative solutions that incorporate parametric insurance across a range of different markets.

  • The trigger for coverage and payout is determined by the size of the largest hail that falls on the renewable energy project site.

Renewable Guard Insurance Brokers, LLC a leading independent renewable energy insurance brokerage firm, is pleased to announce a new partnership with Hailsure Underwriting Managers, LLC to deliver a new parametric hail insurance program to renewable energy developers. Hailsure is a leading specialist in developing innovative solutions that incorporate parametric insurance across a range of different markets.

Parametric insurance is an innovative type of policy where coverage is "triggered" when a measurable event occurs which exceeds a set threshold; in this case, a significant hailstorm. Hail size is measured by the largest independent weather data provider in the country through the use of advanced 3D radar, an onsite hail station, and a series of weather algorithms that utilize multiple data sources, including the National Weather Service. The trigger for coverage and payout is determined by the size of the largest hail that falls on the renewable energy project site.


Advantages of Parametric coverage for renewable energy project sites include:

  • Easy Integration into existing project-level coverage

  • Flexible Terms (e.g., variable coverage limits, hail size triggers)

  • Fast Claims (payment within 7-10 business days) without the requirement of traditional on-site claims adjustments.

The property insurance marketplace has hardened significantly in 2020 and developers in the renewable energy industry have felt the effects. Carriers providing traditional project-level insurance have seen a significant increase in catastrophic losses due to convective storms and hail damage.

2019 saw one of the industry's largest single hail loss ever with damage to a Texas-based solar project in the tens of millions of dollars. The increasing severity and unpredictable nature of convective storms have required many project-level carriers to implement sub-limits for hail, while also increasing hail deductibles. The option to obtain additional hail limits via excess markets has, in essence, become commercially nonviable due to hard market rate increases. Adding parametric hail gives the existing project-level insurance program an extra and important dimension of coverage by providing developers and their lending partners with peace of mind and protection against the serious financial impact of major hailstorms.

- says Michael Cosgrave, Principal at Renewable Guard.


About Renewable Guard

Renewable Guard is a leading insurance and risk management brokerage created to meet the unique insurance needs of the Renewable Energy Industry.  Their team of renewable energy risk managers provides operational insurance coverage on more than 3 GWs of projects throughout the U.S.  The firm supports the power of clean energy and its ability to create a cleaner, more sustainable world.  Renewable Guard works with solar, wind, and energy storage developers to help ensure catastrophic losses do not impact the short and long-term stability of companies who continue to construct and operate these important renewable energy projects.

About Hailsure

Hailsure administers specialty insurance coverage based on specified parameters most commonly related to weather risks. Hailsure's parametric programs are designed to provide standalone coverage or to supplement more traditional insurance coverage where gaps in coverage may exist. Hailsure currently administers industry-specific programs for auto dealers, crop insurance, municipal, and public sector coverage.


One of the most paper intensive industries is insurance industry. There are endless forms to fill, copies of proofs to be preserved, and claims to deal with on regular basis. Under the circumstances, using simple word processors, insecure repository and emails or not adopting a streamlined process of document management can have serious negative consequences.


One of the most paper intensive industries is insurance industry. There are endless forms to fill, copies of proofs to be preserved, and claims to deal with on regular basis. Under the circumstances, using simple word processors, insecure repository and emails or not adopting a streamlined process of document management can have serious negative consequences.

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YuLife, leading UK Insurtech, Expands to South Africa to Transform the Insurance & Wellbeing Industry

PRnewswire | April 18, 2023

YuLife, the tech-driven financial services provider on a mission to inspire life, today announced its launch in South Africa. Founded in London in 2016, YuLife achieved rapid traction in the UK insurance market through its flagship product, group life insurance. The company's expansion into South Africa marks a significant milestone as it seeks to redefine how people around the world derive value from financial products. YuLife's Group Risk Protection (Life, Income Protection, Lump Sum Disability, and Funeral Cover) includes everything in a traditional group insurance policy – but also adds a globally award-winning wellbeing app and trusted support services. YuLife harnesses the latest trends in behavioral science and game mechanics to encourage employees to make proactive lifestyle changes, while also prioritising prevention by de-risking individuals through healthy activities. Gamification ensures that YuLife attracts unrivaled levels of engagement which is valued and enjoyed by all employees. The YuLife app enables employees to complete everyday wellness activities, such as walking, meditation, and cycling, in order to earn YuCoin, YuLife's virtual well-being currency. Members can then use their YuCoin to buy vouchers for groceries, data, fuel, clothing and more from leading brands, or to improve the world through donating meals, planting trees, or cleaning the ocean. By incentivising healthy living, YuLife provides employers with a way to simultaneously boost retention rates, improve employees' standard of living, and safeguard their loved ones' financial future. In addition to day-to-day wellbeing, YuLife provides critical wellbeing tools and services to further prevent illness, both mentally and physically. All employees with YuLife get access to a virtual GP service through Kena Health, counseling and advice through ICAS, alongside access to multiple wellbeing apps like Meditopia and Fiit. "South Africa has the second highest insurance penetration globally, making it a perfect market for YuLife to expand into and showcase its innovative approach to insurance," said Jaco Oosthuizen, YuLife Co-founder and Managing Director of YuLife South Africa. "There has been a big shift toward health and wellbeing in the workplace, with more and more companies adding new initiatives and resources to their employee benefits packages. YuLife is launching in South Africa to offer companies an easy way to provide extra protection – we're looking forward to providing South African businesses and employees tangible value on an everyday basis in an accessible, engaging, and deliverable manner." YuLife South Africa's policies are underwritten by Guardrisk Life, SA's largest life cell captive insurer and the market leader in tailored risk solutions. "We are excited to be working together with YuLife to bring cost-effective insurance solutions to customers in South Africa," said Herman Schoeman, CEO, Guardrisk Life. "As a company rooted in innovation, partnering with such a forward-thinking company like YuLife that shares our commitment to meeting customers' needs makes good business sense. We look forward to developing our relationship with YuLife and providing our solutions to its customers while also empowering them to have a more thorough and holistic relationship with their life insurance and protection provider." YuLife has achieved rapid traction in an industry traditionally lacking in innovation. The company recently expanded into the US, and now covers >600k group policyholders across small to large businesses, with over $50bn of coverage in place. YuLife has seen more than 5x growth in premiums year-on-year, and in July 2022 raised a $120M Series C led by Dai-ichi Life with participation from T. Rowe Price, bringing the company's total funding to $206M. About YuLife YuLife is a tech-driven financial services provider on a mission to inspire life and turn financial products into a force for good. By harnessing the power of technology and the latest behavioural science, YuLife's insurance model focuses on risk prevention, not just claims compensation. The company is transforming the employee benefits market by rewarding employees for healthy living, supporting mental, physical and financial wellbeing and helping foster healthier, happier and more motivated teams. Founded in 2016, YuLife is headquartered in London and backed by global insurers and venture capital. About Guardrisk Guardrisk is South Africa's largest cell captive insurer. We pioneered the cell captive concept in 1993 and provide tailor-made risk financing and insurance solutions for corporates, small enterprises and municipalities. The option of a third-party insurance offering lets clients sell insurance cover to their customers, boosting their business' earning potential and building their brand. Essentially, a cell captive facility gives clients all the benefits of owning their own insurance company without the inherent cost and administrative implications. Cell captives provide underwriting, reinsurance, claims management, investment, actuarial and accounting functions for clients (cell owners), which keeps costs down and gives clients access to a broad base of insurance skills. Guardrisk is a subsidiary of Momentum Metropolitan Holdings Limited, one of SA's largest insurance-based financial services groups. The company is listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange in South Africa and on the Namibian Stock Exchange in Namibia.

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Sproutt Introduces Generative AI Capabilities to Take its SmartLife Agent Platform to The Next Level

PRnewswire | May 26, 2023

Sproutt, the life insurance company that modernizes life insurance for agencies, agents, and their customers, has announced the development of a groundbreaking AI engine, currently available only to limited groups, to boost its SmartLife platform. The platform's capabilities will be supercharged by generative AI technology, empowering agents and agencies with more predictive product fulfillment and "first in the industry" client engagement capabilities based on Large Language Models (LLM) technology. The introduction of AI will revolutionize the way agents interact with clients and marks a significant milestone for Sproutt, further demonstrating its commitment to providing cutting-edge technology solutions within the life insurance ecosystem. Sproutt's SmartLife platform is leveraging the power of generative AI to create unique and personalized client communications based on multiple data sources and previous interactions with clients. By evaluating this data, the platform will generate relevant and timely content that agents can utilize to enhance customer engagement and sales. Events such as a client's policy anniversary, renewal date, birthday, and even local sports team news can be factored in to trigger precise communications. SmartLife's user-friendly interface enables agents to easily navigate and access the information they need to be successful. The platform will also be boosted by AI driven product recommendations, employing multiple data sources to deliver tailored product solutions for each client. Predictive modeling capabilities will enable agents to anticipate future client needs, further elevating their potential. Leveraging AI for product fulfillment will overhaul the insurance sales process, increase STP rates, and effectively transform agents into experts. "The goal is to arm agents with the best tools and technologies to help them build strong client relationships and supercharge their sales efforts," said Craig Shigeno, CEO of Shigeno Consulting. "By employing generative AI, agents will have instant access to personalized content that resonates with their clients, generating more effective outreach and saving valuable time." "As we continue to expand our offerings, we see the SmartLife platform as a game-changer for the life insurance industry," said Yoav Shaham, CEO of Sproutt. "With the integration of AI, agents will have the ability to sell more effectively and communicate more efficiently with their clients, ultimately leading to greater customer satisfaction and increased sales." About Sproutt Sproutt is a life insurance company that modernizes life insurance distribution for agencies, agents, and their customers. Leveraging data and AI, the Sproutt SmartLife platform is set to reshape Life insurance distribution. The platform empowers insurance producers to efficiently assess risk, tailor policies, and enhance customer experience in the most effective and scalable way. Sproutt sells its policies through agents and brokers via its SmartLife for Agents and Agencies. Backed by State of Mind Ventures, Moneta VC, FinTLV, Guardian Life, MS&AD Ventures, MoreTech Ventures, Harel Group, Menora Mivtachim, Raptor Group, and Falcon Edge Capital, Sproutt's business operations are based in New York with an R&D center in Tel Aviv.

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Inszone Insurance Services Continues Expansion with the Acquisition of Agape Insurance Services

Businesswire | March 29, 2023

Inszone Insurance Services: a rapidly growing, national provider of benefits, personal and commercial lines insurance, announced today the acquisition of Agape Insurance Services. Established in 2004, in Anaheim CA, Agape Insurance Services has been a reliable partner in providing Auto, Home, Business, and Life insurance solutions to clients across California. With a focus on personal lines, Agape Insurance Services has gained a reputation for its honest and genuine approach to serving customers. Under the Inszone Insurance brand, the Agape Insurance team will continue to operate out of Inszone’s Anaheim office and offer the same high-quality service to their clients. The acquisition represents another milestone for Inszone Insurance Services as it strengthens its presence in California and expands its commercial and life insurance offerings. “We are thrilled to welcome Agape Insurance Services to the Inszone family," said Chris Walters, CEO of Inszone Insurance Services. “This acquisition represents another milestone as we continue to broaden our footprint and capabilities in our home state of California." Inszone Insurance Services continues to pursue an aggressive growth plan, aiming to enhance its presence in existing markets and expand into new ones. Several important transactions are expected to be announced in the upcoming months. About Inszone Insurance Services Founded in 2002 and headquartered in Sacramento, California, Inszone is a full-service insurance brokerage firm that provides a broad array of property & casualty insurance, along with employee benefits solutions. With a strong, experienced management team, Inszone continues to grow organically, as well as through acquisitions. With 40 locations across California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Michigan, Missouri, Oregon, Texas, and Illinois, the company is looking to further expand throughout the United States.

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