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SynchronoSure Adopts CodeEast Digital Insurance Platform

Synchrono Group Inc. an Insurtech Managing Underwriter having some expertise in 'Property/Casualty and Workers Compensation for the Gig Economy' and 'Small Commercial Insurance Risks' has collaborated with CodeEast and will utilize their Digital Platform for the organization of Commercial Property/Casualty insurance items across the USA.

Steve Hartman, Chairman and CEO of Synchrono Group, says "As an Insuretech Managing Underwriter which leverages data and technology to deliver custom insurance products, we need systems that are fast, flexible, and capable of integrating seamlessly around micro-services.  Getting the right tech partner and software platform in place for our products is a key element of this plan.  We chose CodeEast's ONEview Digital Insurance Platform because it provides us with the flexibility, the self-service facilities for Policyholders, Agents and Brokers, the delivery speed and the automation capability we require to deliver our strategy.  For our first product in this environment, we went live with ONEview in less than three months and in the middle of a Pandemic!  The system has the state-of-the-art capabilities required to seamlessly integrate through REST API's with our proprietary technology stack, including our user interface, our underwriting algorithms and our API data engine and predictive tools.  These integrations allow us to offer a market-leading response time that  effectively positions us with the capability to underwrite, quote, bind and issue policies in a matter of minutes rather than the hours and days common to most of our competitors."

"Time is money for us, and our Agents,  Brokers and small business customers.  The ability to get the insurance underwritten and issued in a matter of minutes frees up, for all of our stakeholder's, additional time to focus on revenue creation for their businesses.  The Digital Capabilities embedded in the ONEview platform enable this transformation and, increasingly, these Digital Capabilities are becoming the new normal. The ONEview system Digital Capability enables both a fast customer experience and full scalable digital integration for both admitted and non-admitted insurance," stated Steve Hartman. 

Aidan Brogan, CCO of CodeEast, said  "We are excited to sign a five-year partnership with SynchronoSure®. The selection of our ONEview system is a strong validation of the flexibility and agility of our cloud-native platform, and with its inherent capabilities for Producer Management,  Environment Control, Data Use, and the ability to support regulatory regimes in all states for commercial insurance, we think ONEview creates sustainable advantages for our customers. The digital transformation of the insurance industry is starting to gain momentum and will accelerate at pace. I look forward to growing our business in the USA".

About SynchronoSure®
Synchrono Group Inc doing business as SynchronoSure® is headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina. As an Insurtech Managing Underwriter, SynchronoSure® built to leverage artificial intelligence and a state-of-the-art technology base, SynchronoSure® specializes in underwriting property/casualty, and workers compensation products for the gig economy and small businesses in the U.S. 

About CodeEast
CodeEast, a software company headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, provides a Digital Insurance Platform for the SMART Automation of Insurance companies. The CodeEast ONEview platform is a state-of-the-art, AI-enabled, cloud-native solution for the automated sales, distribution and administration of insurance products.



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