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Vertafore Introduces the Next Generation of ImageRight to Transform Insurer Productivity and User Experience

Vertafore, the industry leader in modern insurance technology, announced the next version of ImageRight, the industry's leading workflow and content management solution developed especially for insurance carriers today. The news was made at the Carrier Week keynote event at Accelerate, powered by NetVU.

ImageRight 7 offers a completely redesigned user experience in a web-based interface, allowing users to accomplish more streamlined core procedures and customized task lists.

The upgrade, which is the first in Vertafore's multi-year effort to modernize ImageRight, is accessible anytime and everywhere through contemporary browsers, allowing carriers to better equip their workforce for success as the "new normal" of work evolves. ImageRight 7 also offers compliance and security upgrades to bring users up to speed on the most recent rules and regulations.

Improvements such as ImageRight 7 offer a cutting-edge user experience that boosts productivity and simplifies activities.

• An easy-to-navigate, find, and track interface allows users to browse quickly, discover and track policies and any related documents.

• The ability to edit and manage Microsoft Office files directly from ImageRight, with all changes synchronized.

• Personalized to-do lists that prioritize work. To-do lists are updated in real-time, minimizing the number of clicks required to access the most recent activities.

Vertafore Hosting for ImageRight 7 can save carriers about 25-50% on an annual basis.

Vertafore Hosting, a new cloud hosting option offered via Amazon Web Services, is also included with ImageRight 7. Carriers get ImageRight supplied as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), including automatic version updates, as Vertafore relieves carrier IT teams of the hosting burden, allowing them to focus on other priorities.

Data from Vertafore users indicate that Vertafore Hosting saves a carrier with 100 users an average of $320,000 over three years or 25-50% cost of ownership. The greatest savings come from reducing capital costs of maintaining ImageRight's hardware, operating systems, databases, and backup system infrastructure.

About Vertafore
For more than 50 years, Vertafore has been the North American InsurTech leader, modernizing and simplifying insurance distribution so that our clients can focus on what matters most: people. Vertafore's solutions enhance the client and agent experience, unlock the power of data, and simplify critical processes to promote efficiency, productivity, and profitability for independent agencies and carriers.



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