Worldwide Facilities Makes Its First Step In Health Market By Acquiring Strategic Underwriting Solutions

Worldwide Facilities | June 11, 2020

  • Worldwide Facilities has acquired Strategic Underwriting Solutions (SUS).

  • SUS is a managing general underwriter focused on full service medical stop-loss insurance.

  • SUS also offers program risk management and product development services to its consulting clients.

Worldwide Facilities has acquired Strategic Underwriting Solutions (SUS), marking its first step into the life & health insurance market.

SUS is a managing general underwriter focused on full service medical stop-loss insurance. Founded in 2006, the firm is entrusted with full underwriting authority for medical stop-loss insurance for high quality insurance and reinsurance markets. SUS also offers program risk management and product development services to its consulting clients.

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The firm is led by SUS president and CEO Vicki Schmelzer.

We are pleased to have Vicki and the entire SUS team join Worldwide Facilities as we diversify into the wholesale benefits business, SUS’s successful track record of developing customized benefit programs on behalf of carriers and reinsurers allows us to expand our product offerings and value proposition to our retail customers.

- Worldwide Facilities CEO Davis Moore.

We are very excited to join the Worldwide Facilities team, allowing us to carry forth our mission with integrity, while providing superior risk management solutions to our carriers and special market clients, We are proud to continue contributing to the industry, while gaining synergy through a very accomplished team of insurance professionals at Worldwide Facilities.

- SUS president and CEO Vicki Schmelzer.

Earlier this week, Worldwide Facilities announced its acquisition of Royal Oak Underwriters in Richmond, VA. Royal Oak is an excess and surplus lines insurance wholesaler, specializing in property, general liability, professional liability, commercial auto, ocean & inland marine, and personal lines.

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About Worldwide Facilities

Worldwide Facilities is a national wholesale insurance broker, managing general agent and program underwriter. We offer property, casualty, professional and personal lines products as well as specialty programs to insurance agents and brokers nationwide. With any given opportunity we dedicate our best resources, knowledgeable staff and high standards to exceed expectations.

About Strategic Underwriting Solutions (SUS)

Strategic Underwriting Solutions, LLC (SUS) was formed to offer high quality health insurance underwriting provided as an outsource service to insurance companies, Third Party Administrators (TPA), Managed Care Organizations (MCO) and other risk taking entities, such as Multiple Employer Welfare Associations (MEWA). SUS was established to respond to a market need for TPA's, insurers, and MCO's considering entry into new products where they have all the pieces in place, e.g. efficient processing, distribution, clinical expertise, all of the needed positive factors except for highly qualified and capable medical underwriting and risk taking management.


If your company offers a plethora of benefits to your employees including a pension plan, then you are a fiduciary, as is anyone who handles or verses the plan. However, did you know if a fiduciary makes a mistake, the fiduciary and the company could be held liable? Under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 or ERISA, fiduciaries are personally accountable for any breaches of duties towards participants of a pension plan.


If your company offers a plethora of benefits to your employees including a pension plan, then you are a fiduciary, as is anyone who handles or verses the plan. However, did you know if a fiduciary makes a mistake, the fiduciary and the company could be held liable? Under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 or ERISA, fiduciaries are personally accountable for any breaches of duties towards participants of a pension plan.

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Shift Technology Automates and Optimizes Decision Making Across the Policy Lifecycle

Shift Technology | January 28, 2021

Shift Technology, a supplier of AI-driven decision automation and optimization solutions for the global insurance industry, today declared availability of both new products and moves up to existing solutions inside the Shift Insurance Suite (Shift Technology Automates and Optimizes Decision Making Across the Policy Lifecycle). The Shift Insurance Suite is a bunch of cloud-based AI solutions which backing improved decision making by insurance representatives across divisions. Shift spearheaded the utilization of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help insurers not just better spot possible fraud in the claims cycle yet in addition settle on more educated decisions about how best to react to these dubious claims. The capacity to rapidly decide whether a claim ought to be explored and assuming this is the case, recognize the ideal analytical methodology infuses huge productivity and exactness into the general claims measure. The organization based on its achievement in fraud detection to address the insurance industry's longing to eliminate grating from the claims cycle and advance toward low-contact, no-contact, and completely computerized claims settlement from first notice of loss (FNOL) through to payment. Today, Shift Claims Automation and Shift Claims Fraud Detection are the lead products in the Shift Insurance Suite. "AI is ideally suited to help insurance professionals make the best decisions possible in support of their customers and their business," stated Marcel Gordon, vice president, Product, Shift Technology. "The ability to ingest and organize massive amounts of structured and unstructured data, understand relationships and connections between individuals, and then do sophisticated analysis enables Shift to provide insurers with a new generation of tools. Shift is putting AI in the hands of operational teams at insurers around the globe." With the declaration of the Shift Insurance Suite, the organization is expanding on its accomplishment in fraud detection and claims automation with the presentation of new products focusing on extra cycles in claims and across the approach lifecycle. To help workers all the more rapidly and precisely recognize openings for subrogation, the organization is presently offering Shift Subrogation Detection. Outside of claims, Shift Underwriting Fraud Detection is intended to give basic data valuable in concluding whether to give insurance inclusion to an individual or business. The organization's new Financial Crime Detection product underpins against illegal tax avoidance, worker fraud detection, and other consistence activities. Shift's products are explicitly intended to incorporate with, and increase the value of, existing center claims management systems. "Insurance is a business of decisions, and making the optimal decision can drive incredible benefits," explained Eric Sibony, chief scientific officer and co-founder, Shift Technology. "Through our work with some of the leading insurance companies in the world we have been able to demonstrate the exceptional power of AI to both optimize and fully automate some of the most important insurance decisions, driving significant value for carriers and their policyholders." To address the decision optimization and automation necessities of the global insurance industry, Shift has assembled its solutions around a powerful AI decision engine that can break down numerous sorts of structured and unstructured data given by the insurer, the insured, and/or external third parties. This may incorporate claims data, including claims handlers' notes, photos and other checked pictures, and unique reports, to give some examples. Shift has reliably exhibited its solutions beat decides based just methodologies that can't coordinate the precision and productivity given by insurance-explicit AI. At press time, the organization has insurers at different phases of sending for every one of its decision automatization and optimization products. The Shift Insurance Suite is comprised of: Shift Claims Fraud Detection: This award-winning technology is in use by more than 80 of the world's leading insurance companies including CSAA Insurance Group and MS & AD Insurance Group to name only a few. On top of the proven capability to detect fraud using data and documents, new capabilities introduced with the launch of the Shift Insurance Suite put the power of Shift's rich insurance data model, with all of the insurer's data denoised, reconstructed and linked together, in the hands of investigators. There is expanded support for the use of images and documents in the detection of fraud, as well as visual exploration of data using a network graph and the ability to search and browse through the complete data model. Shift Claims Automation: Available in two deployment models - Digital Journey and Augmented Adjustment - this solution uses AI to automate the claims process from FNOL through to final settlement. Digital Journey empowers policyholders directly, delivering a self-service claims experience - FNOL, tracking and settlement - with AI decision-making built in. The claims experience is customized to each insurer to match their claims process, handling policies and branding. Augmented Adjustment integrates AI-supported decision making directly into the Claims Management System, decreasing turnaround time and optimizing claims handlers' time during the claims process. Through its application of advanced OCR technology, Shift Claims Automation is particularly focused on removing the need for manual document review throughout the claims process. Shift Subrogation Detection: This new addition to the Shift Insurance Suite uses AI to quickly and accurately discover opportunities to recover costs from third parties. The technology not only finds those claims for which subrogation is possible but also generates actionable cases supported by concrete evidence. Shift Subrogation Detection improves on manual and simple rules-based subrogation identification processes by focusing on coverage (reviewing every single claim), consistency (checking against known subrogation scenarios) and precision (leveraging internal and external data, from police reports to recall lists, using AI). The result includes reduced claim loss and improved deductible recovery, while freeing the claims team to focus on resolving claims. Shift Underwriting Fraud Detection: Designed to optimize decision making at the point of sale, Shift Underwriting Fraud Detection applies AI to the policy underwriting process to detect inaccurate or non-compliant policies. Actionable alerts help to minimize fraudulent policies, avoid undesired risks, and assign appropriate premiums. Shift Underwriting Fraud Detection leverages Shift's rich data model, sophisticated data analysis and deep insurance expertise to give the Underwriting team a complete view of the policy, policyholder and risk while highlighting anomalies. First Central has adopted Shift Underwriting Fraud Detection to support the carrier's auto line of business. Shift Financial Crime Detection: Insurance is a critical part of the financial system, resulting in significant scrutiny from regulators. Shift Financial Crime detection enables insurers to better understand the status of all participants in its ecosystem, including employees, to identify and investigate potential criminal behavior, including money laundering. Shift Financial Crime Detection addresses these challenges for insurers, who have little transaction data to rely upon, by making maximal use of internal and external data about all participants in the insurance process. Used together with Shift's fraud solutions, Shift Financial Crime Detection enables insurers to build an overall picture of - and response to - risk from bad actors across their business. About Shift Technology Shift Technology delivers the only AI-native decision automation and optimization solutions built specifically for the global insurance industry. Addressing several critical processes across the insurance policy lifecycle, the Shift Insurance Suite helps insurers achieve faster, more accurate claims and policy resolutions. Shift has analyzed billions of insurance transactions to date and was presented Frost & Sullivan's 2020 Global Claims Solutions for Insurance Market Leadership Award.

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Sedgwick acquires Managed Care Advisors

Sedgwick | September 24, 2021

Sedgwick, a leading global provider of technology-enabled risk, benefits and integrated business solutions, today announced it has acquired Managed Care Advisors, Inc. (MCA), a Bethesda, Maryland-based government contracting firm and leading provider of workers' compensation and specialty health plan products and services to the U.S. federal government. Managed Care Advisors' expertise includes a comprehensive, outsourced federal agency workers' compensation case and claims management solution, anchored by the full functionality of its technology platform. MCA's federally compliant solutions and established performance record will broaden Sedgwick's access to a wide range of public sector opportunities. The acquisition will also enable MCA to expand its breadth and depth of offerings to the government to include a broad array of world-class risk management and claims solutions that Sedgwick currently delivers in the commercial sector. Sedgwick and Managed Care Advisors have a shared focus on delivering excellence and taking care of people. We are well aligned to optimize outcomes for our clients and look forward to bringing our combination of value-added services to the employees of federal government agencies. - Elizabeth Demaret, Sedgwick president, specialty. MCA will operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of Sedgwick Public Sector, a Sedgwick holding company dedicated to delivering claims services to government entities. Joining forces with Sedgwick opens the door to new opportunities for bringing the public sector an even higher level of industry best practices and expertise. I'm excited for what lies ahead in our next chapter with Sedgwick. - Lisa Firestone, Managed Care Advisors president and CEO. About Sedgwick Sedgwick is a leading global provider of technology-enabled risk, benefits and integrated business solutions. The company provides a broad range of resources tailored to our clients' specific needs in casualty, property, marine, benefits, brand protection and other lines. At Sedgwick, caring counts; through the dedication and expertise of more than 27,000 colleagues across 65 countries, the company takes care of people and organizations by mitigating and reducing risks and losses, promoting health and productivity, protecting brand reputations, and containing costs that can impact the bottom line. Sedgwick's majority shareholder is The Carlyle Group; Stone Point Capital LLC, Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec (CDPQ), Onex and other management investors are minority shareholders. About Managed Care Advisors Established in 1997, Managed Care Advisors specializes in workers' compensation, case and claims management, disability and absence management, analytics, technology solutions, specialty health plan management and employee benefits. Based in Bethesda, Maryland, Managed Care Advisors services customers throughout the United States and all U.S. territories. Since 2005, MCA has provided a comprehensive suite of products and services to the federal market to support federal agencies in improving outcomes, reducing costs, and avoiding unnecessary medical and vocational disability resulting from work-related injuries and illnesses.

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Majesco and Infosys Collaborate to Improve Digital Experience for Insurers

Majesco, Infosys | May 19, 2021

For insurance business transformation, Infosys, a world leader in next-generation digital services and consulting, and Majesco, a global leader in cloud insurance platform solutions, announced a strategic partnership today. Infosys and Majesco will collaborate to help joint customers drive their digital transformation journeys, allowing them to capitalize on emerging opportunities, meet the need for personalized customer experiences, operating efficiency, and digital adoption through the insurance business value chain. The insurance industry will benefit from Infosys' insurance domain and digital technologies, which will be integrated with Majesco's cloud-based next-generation suite of solutions, which includes the Majesco L&A and Group Core Suite, Majesco P&C Core Suite, and Majesco Digital1st® Insurance on Majesco CloudInsurer®. Customers in the Life & Annuity (L&A), Group, and Property & Casualty (P&C) segments would benefit from the combined synergy, which would help insurers achieve efficiency and innovation at scale. About Majesco Majesco provides insurers with the technology, expertise, and leadership they need to modernize, innovate, and connect to develop the future of their business – and the future of insurance – at scale. The platforms bring insurance to individuals and companies in new, hyper-relevant, compelling, and personal ways. Majesco is changing the businesses of over 190 insurance companies worldwide in P&C, L&A, and Group Benefits by modernizing, optimizing, or creating new business models.CloudInsurer® P&C Core Suite (Policy, Billing, Claims); CloudInsurer® L&A and Group Core Suite (Policy, Billing, Claims); L&A Insurance Data & Analytics Platform, Digital1st® Insurance with Digital1st® Engagement, Digital1st® EcoExchange, and Digital1st® Platform – a cloud-native, microservices and open API platform; Distribution Management, P&C Insurance Data & Analytics Platform; Distribution. About Infosys Infosys is a global leader in digital services and consulting for the next generation. Clients in 46 countries depend upon it to help them manage their digital transition. It expertly guides its clients on their digital journey with nearly four decades of experience managing the systems and workings of multinational organizations. It has accomplished this by providing the enterprise with an AI-powered core that helps in the prioritizing of change execution. It also empowers the business with agile digital at scale, enabling it to achieve virtually unknown levels of success and customer delight. The never-ending learning agenda propels it forward by developing and transferring digital skills, expertise, and ideas from its innovation ecosystem.

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