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Xceedance Expands its Actuarial and Analytics Services for Insurance Organizations

Xceedance, a global supplier of strategic insurance consulting and technology servicing insurance associations around the world, today reported the extension of its global Actuarial and Analytics Services practice, driven by Matthew Duke, SVP and chief statistician.

“Matthew looks at actuarial services from a business perspective first,” said Manish Khetan, COO of North America operations at Xceedance. “His approach to maximizing the value of the insurance actuarial function can be transformational for large companies looking to streamline and focus operations. Small to mid-size insurance companies, which may not have the bandwidth to truly take advantage of progressive actuarial services, can also benefit from the Xceedance offering.”

Duke acquires 15 years of authority actuarial and analytics disciplines, with ability in technique execution, encouraging authoritative change, and settling business challenges by means of information driven experiences that straightforwardly sway productivity. He is an individual from the American Academy of Actuaries (MAAA), a partner of the Casualty Actuarial Society (ACAS), perceived as a partner in reinsurance (ARe) by The Institutes, and accomplished his MBA from The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. Preceding joining Xceedance, Duke worked at Blackboard Insurance as head of evaluating and development analytics, where he created actuarial estimating foundation, driven state recording activities, reclassified the function of a statistician, and selected top ability. Notwithstanding break head of danger at Blackboard, Duke held situations at Freedom Mortgage, Guy Carpenter, Arch Insurance Group, and Travelers.

“Xceedance has provided actuarial services to insurance companies for several years, building a foundation upon which an expanded practice with broader reach can be established,” said Duke. “I strongly believe the involvement of proficient actuaries at all levels of the insurance decision-making process can translate to real value on the profit and loss statement. In partnering with Xceedance, insurance organizations can have access to top-quality actuarial and analytics resources, not only for standard pricing and reserving work, but also to enable other functions which contribute to the goals and outcomes of a company’s strategic plan.”

About Xceedance
Xceedance ( is a global provider of strategic consulting and managed services, technology, data sciences, and blockchain solutions to insurance organizations. Domiciled in Bermuda, with offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Poland, India, and Australia, Xceedance helps insurers launch new products, drive operations, implement intelligent technology, deploy advanced analytic capabilities, and achieve business process optimization.



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