July 15, 2019 | (10:00AM)
USA (United States of America)
Examine major commercial property exposures (including leased property), the Commercial Building and Personal Property Coverage form, and major modifying endorsements. Evaluate sources of insurable interest and exposures of particular importance when your client has the property of others in their care, custody, or control. Determine how terms not defined in the policy, such as building, premises, fixtures, structures, personal property, vacancy, and permanently installed affect coverage. Discover the important differences in what triggers coverage under commercial property versus business income/extra expense coverage forms. Assess how actual cash value (ACV), replacement cost, market value, and agreed value differ. Causes of Loss forms will be analyzed for significant coverage provisions, including ordinance and law concerns. Review key endorsements used to expand, reduce, or clarify coverage, such as the Margin Clause or Manufacturers Selling Price Finished "Stock" Only endorsement.