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Allstate launches pay-as-you-go auto policy in Ohio

April 18, 2019 / Duffie Osental

Vehicle owners in Ohio now have access to Allstate’s Milewise, an auto insurance policy with which consumers pay based on how much they drive. The product, which was launched in other states last year, is designed for people who don’t frequently drive their cars and is particularly popular among retirees, stay-at-home parents, and students, where it’s available. Instead of a fixed monthly premium, the insurer uses a device under a vehicle’s steering wheel to track and charge policyholders on either a daily or per-mile basis. “Milewise is great for people with a low-mileage lifestyle,” Rich Vander Weyst, territory sales leader at Allstate, told The Columbus Dispatch. “As different transportation methods continue to evolve, people are beginning to rely less on their personal vehicles and more on public transportation, ride-hailing and ride-sharing.” A policyholder’s daily and per-mile rate is determined by factors such as vehicle type...