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Chubb allegedly hit by infamous cyberattack

March 27, 2020 / Lyle Adriano

The hackers responsible for the Maze ransomware have claimed that they have hit major insurance company Chubb. The cyberattackers posted news of the attack on their website, claiming that they managed to encrypt devices on Chubb’s network this month. Bleeping Computer reported that as part of their modus operandi, the Maze hackers steal files from their victims before locking the devices with ransomware-based encryption. The stolen files are then used as leverage by the Maze hackers, who threaten to make the data public unless the victims pay the ransom. Maze has yet to publish any of the data they allegedly stole from Chubb, but the hackers have posted the email addresses of CEO Evan Greenberg, COO John Keogh, and vice-chairman John Lupica. It should be noted, however, that these emails are already publicly available on websites and Maze’s posting does not constitute evidence that the insurer’s computers were encrypted.