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HawkSoft Partners with Certificial to Bring Modern Solution to Revolutionize Insurance Verification

October 13, 2020 / PR Newswire

Many interactions between businesses hinge on the ability for one party to provide a proof of insurance to the other. For example, delivering commercial shipments, accessing construction sites, or renting a commercial space each require handing over paper attesting to your insurance coverage. HawkSoft is partnering with the dynamic verification platform Certificial to bring a more modern solution to independent agencies. Never before has insurance coverage data been able to connect and send dynamic updates directly to certificate holders. This end-to-end visibility not only eliminates fraud and the misuse of forms but can improve compliance. Certificial uses cloud technology to offer a digital and dynamic proof of insurance. Instead of the old static point-in-time Certificates of Insurance, Certificial allows companies of all sizes to directly monitor, in real time, that a person or business are properly insured. When integrated with the HawkSoft agency management system, insurance agencies can keep Certificial in sync with their client and policy data automatically.