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OWIT Global Releases New Cloud Based Insurance Specific Microservices

October 14, 2020 / Business Wire

OWIT Global, a provider of insurance-specific microservices solutions for the global insurance industry, is pleased to announce the immediate availability of its new version of the Integration microservice which is designed to support the industry’s need to create and manage system integration needs. The OWIT Global Integration microservice contains insurance-specific, pre-programmed interfaces to popular insurance services, such as CoreLogic MSB, Experian, Google Geo, Maprisk, and OFAC. The microservice also has pre-programmed interfaces to popular industry solutions. OWIT Global’s Integration microservice provides the ability to configure the connection to any relational database, for example, OneDrive, Excel, and external rating engines. The microservice supports XML, JSON, Value, Excel, CSV, with SQL data scheduled. The data elements are managed through the integrated OWIT Global Rules microservice and through a “no-code” tool to define the massaging, conversion, and transformation of all incoming and outgoing data. All OWIT Global microservices use the integration microservice to connect with each other and with external systems. Additionally, by leveraging the OWIT Global Integration microservice, insurers can configure and alter integrations between internal and external systems.