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The next leap forward for data analytics within the insurance sector

March 31, 2020 / Mia Wallace

As a data-heavy industry, how insurance can process documents and extract the valuable data insights which these documents hold has been a significant consideration for a number of years. Across the globe, data and software companies are rising to the challenge, helping to mitigate this critical problem organizations face. Nay Odutola (pictured), area vice president EMEA at Hyperscience has been involved with the ‘software as a service’ (SaaS) industry for about 15 years, and with the AI and machine learning segments of this sector for the last six to seven years. He has always seen this sector as a kind of eternal university, Odutola said, where the demand to stay ahead of the curve is imperative and can only be achieved through continuous education and re-education. If companies and individuals do not evolve, they will get left behind, he said, and the focus on ‘continuous improvement’ is what has led him to the AI and machine learning industries.