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Valmark Financial Group Launches Life Insurance Fulfillment Tool (LIFT)

May 14, 2020 / PRNewswire

Valmark continues its rich history of innovation in the life insurance industry by expanding its toolkit for independent insurance and financial professionals. Its newest offering, the Life Insurance Fulfillment Tool™ (LIFT™), is focused on making the process of buying life insurance simpler for both clients and advisors.
The global health pandemic and economic crisis have impacted most major industries, turning on its head the traditional purchasing processes of many businesses. At the center of this disruption is the life insurance industry, one that is notorious for its laborious requirements of paper applications, wet signatures, overnight packages, and physical examinations. The current environment only makes an already difficult process, historically focused on physical interaction, even more challenging, especially for larger policies.
Valmark has capitalized on this challenging environment by creating a tool that makes the life insurance buying process simpler and faster for clients, and more efficient for financial professionals. By combining the accelerated programs currently offered by insurance companies and its existing Private Underwriting Risk Evaluation™ (PURE™) process with a new HIPPA-compliant application process called LIFT™, Valmark is taking the life insurance process to where the rest of society is – remote!