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Why insureds should consider buying standalone active shooter insurance

July 10, 2019 / Alicja Grzadkowska

US religious centers are at the mercy of many risks, from their members’ information being targeted by cybercriminals to steep increases in auto premiums and exclusions for multi-passenger church vans. In the midst of these developments, one relatively new insurance coverage is increasingly becoming a necessity for these institutions. As acts of violence against religious organizations instigated by active shooters have been growing over recent years, more congregations are considering purchasing insurance to protect themselves. “The marketplace for active shooter or active threat insurance is growing and we’ve seen interest in that from churches,” said Andy Lott, managing partner at the Insurance Office of America. “A lot of times, it comes down to budget – can they afford the coverage if they are interested in it, and then also what does the coverage actually provide. Because there are so many differences in the marketplace, it’s something th...