Demystifying Cyber Insurance for Small Businesses: What Every Main Street Business Owner Should Know About Cyber Coverage


Cyber risk exists for any business using computers connected to the Internet to execute daily functions. What would happen if your information technology stopped functioning due to a cyber event? Tune in to this webinar to learn about cyber risk and how the right cyber insurance policy is key to protecting your business.
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Insuring Toys and Collectibles


Unless you collect the same item or have an interest in the same hobby as an insured, you may be asked to insure items about which you have little first-hand knowledge. Every homeowners policy has limitations that apply to certain classes of personal property and liability arising out of activities in which an insured may be involved. Examine the difference in valuation methods based on Actual Cash Value, Replacement Cost, and Agreed Value. Evaluate significant differences in the level of protection for owned versus non-owned motorized "toys" under a homeowners policy. Examine how a personal umbrella policy can help fill in the potential coverage gaps.
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Myth Busting Cyber Claims – There is more than one way to manage a cyber claim


The insurance industry has long worked under the assumption that cyber claims, or cyber incident response, should be led by a lawyer or IT specialist. While legal and IT services are essential components of cyber claims handling, and the cyber provider ecosystem, their expertise is necessary at the right time and not necessarily for every situation that transpires. Dedicated project management can help to streamline the cyber claims process.
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How to Make Your Employees Smarter Healthcare Consumers


Let’s face it: health care is confusing. From HDHPs to deductibles and OOPs, choosing the right health benefits can be a difficult and stressful process. Research shows that workers with low health literacy don’t take advantage of preventative services, fail to manage chronic conditions and are more likely to take medicines incorrectly. All of these factors contribute to an unhealthy workforce and higher costs for everyone involved.
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Agencies in the Digital Age


The insurance industry is in the midst of a massive transformation and digital strategies are at the heart of the change. How are agencies responding and how does that affect insurers? Watch this on-demand webinar to hear insurance industry expert Mark Breading, partner at Strategy Meets Action (SMA), share findings from SMA's latest survey on the changing agency distribution channel.
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