The CX revolution: are insurers ready for the AI era?

Insurance Innovator

The supercharged move to digital has made it clear that building a coherent AI strategy is critical for insurers to deliver next-level CX excellence and drive competitive advantage in a populated marketplace. From developing self-service options to orchestrating a seamless omnichannel experience, insurers must embrace the AI era or risk falling behind in the CX revolution.
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Specifically the 4 parts of an insurance policy and coverage limits.  Policies have parts?  Yep, we’ll get that figured out right from the beginning.


Tenant Liability Insurance


Many landlords are forced to bear the solvency risk of their tenants' lease promises to repair damage or to indemnify the landlords for liabilities to third parties arising out of the tenants' operations and activities in the demised premises. These exposures are often much larger than security deposits held. Tenant liability insurance is a program designed for landlords to protect the landlords' own insurance limits, deductibles, and assets in the event of loss or damage to the designed premises or liability for losses suffered by third parties as the result of the tenants' actions.
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5 Steps to Maximizing Your Insurer Relationships with IVANS


Increase connectivity with insurers to access more markets and automate information exchange. With IVANS, you can connect directly with your insurers and provide feedback about growth strategies and download connection needs. Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how IVANS can enable you to maximize your insurer relationships.
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Reinsurance 101 - An Introduction to Reinsurance

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Creating a Digital Generation of Enterprise Risk Management & Commercial Insurance


Rapid advances in digital technologies are significantly changing the requirements for enterprise risk management and insurance. Those same technologies are opening the door for a new generation of connected enterprise risk management and insurance solutions. Solutions that focus on increasing risk transparency and predicting, preventing, and mitigating risk across the extend enterprise and its extended value chain.
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