Controlling Costs of Legal Malpractice Insurance


Malpractice insurance is a major expense for most law firms, and being a savvy buyer is crucial to managing that expense intelligently. The ability to do so, however, depends on the decisions made in evaluating and purchasing insurance, and managing the relationship. With a multitude of carriers, coverage options, and pricing models, the landscape can be a confusing morass of apples to oranges comparisons offering little guidance to the inexperienced. This on-demand webinar helps decision makers effectively evaluate options, maximize benefits, minimize risk, and ultimately reduce malpractice insurance costs.
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Bought a health insurance policy but clueless about how to make claims? This handy infographic tells you about all the documents required & the steps you need to follow to make it a quick and hassle-free process.


The green transition: the role of General Insurers in helping society adapt to a low-carbon economy

Addressing the impacts of climate changes means fundamental reforms to key sectors in the economy. Meeting the UK’s Carbon Budget target of a 78% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2035 will require considerable investment across the economy, including c£0.8trn on energy efficiency in buildings and 30,000 new electric vehicle charge points needed each year to meet the 2030 date for phasing out sales of non-EV vehicles. This session looks at how this rapid transformation will impact insurance markets, exploring both how the sector will have to evolve its products and practices and where insurers can drive this by incentivising behavioural change and working collaboratively with customers and the sector’s supply chain.
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Strategic Priorities for 2019: Securing a Spot in the Future of Insurance


To those in the insurance industry, it probably feels like more change has been packed into the past 4 years than we’ve experienced in the past 10 or even 20 years. The exploding number of startups and greenfields, along with the growing investment in InsurTech is a powerful indicator of this change…FinTech Global recently reported that there were 101 deals through Q3 2018 worth $2.5 billion, compared to just 40 deals worth $105 million in 2014. More and more companies from both outside and inside the industry are moving to take advantage of the tremendous opportunities that are defining the future of insurance…Digital Insurance 2.0.
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InsurTech developments and the law

Lexis Nexis

InsurTech is set to be one of the most major and developing areas of practice over the next few years for insurance practitioners. This webinar will look at various elements of InsurTech to give you the tools you need to grapple with this emerging area of practice. Topics to be covered include: Overview – InsurTech and the law, Digitizing the insurance value chain.
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ALI's 2018 Restatement on Liability Insurance: What Insurance Industry Professionals Need to Know


The significance of the new Restatement on the insurance industry is in dispute. Historically, Restatements published by the ALI have had an enormous influence on binding legal decisions. The U.S. Supreme Court cited ALI publications 71 times during the 2013 to 2015 terms of Court, and state and federal courts have cited ALI publications over 200,000 times. Several courts cited the Restatement of the Law of Liability Insurance even before the ALI formally voted to adopt it. Since adoption, the number of citations to, and courts' reliance on, the Restatement has accelerated.
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