How Claims Automation and Analytics Will Put Commercial Auto on the Right Track


After years of underwriting losses, commercial auto is ripe for improvement. Join Tamara Flinn for a deep dive into how commercial auto claims can be better managed by integrating automation and analytics into the process. You’ll discover a viable path to turning around the financial performance of this line of business.
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There are some common misconceptions about life insurance. These range from people believing they don't need it to whether insurance companies pay out when they should.


Becoming a Modular Insurer: Platform Requirements

To survive in a digital economy insurers need to become a platform that provides & uses insurance solutions & value added services as interchangeable modules that can be configured how, where and when needed. Join our thought leaders as they discuss these new requirements and how to implement them.
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The Best of Both - A Sweet Spot Between New and Traditional Insurance

To best reach their customers insurers are moving to digital distribution channels. This is meeting the needs of the growing tech savvy customer base and allowing for direct communication, but challenges come where customers require support and advice in complex processes.
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Digital Insurance Transformation: Mobilizing Data in a Connected World

Hyland Software

In this one-hour recorded webcast, industry experts discuss steps toward creating a truly digital enterprise which drives more efficient, reliable processes, a more collaborative work environment, and a powerful customer experience. You will learn: Ways to mobilize data for faster service, improved coverage, and better customer service; Why data normalization must be a part of any digital transformation initiative; and How to plan for managing and mobilizing data better across systems and platforms.
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Reinsurance 101 - An Introduction to Reinsurance

The online registration system accepts both credit card and check payments. Please enter your own email address. Multiple attendees entered with the same email address will not be able to access the webinar. Confirmation is sent via email. The confirmation email includes a receipt, cancellation policy and other information.
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