P&C Insurance: Consumer Bill Payment Preferences & What’s Ahead


Bill payments for property and casualty insurance are among the most critical that consumers make. Continuous coverage depends on current policyholder accounts that are fueled by on-time payments.How do policyholders typically fund their P&C Insurance payments? Do they prefer repeating transactions like AutoPay or single One Time payments? What are the payment channels they gravitate toward? And when are they most like to pay their P&C Insurance bills?
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Intelligent machines are poised to dramatically shift management roles and recast the workforce of the future. But what do managers in the insurance industry think?


Next-Generation Risk Assessment: Cyber and Beyond


To be successful, an insurer has to correctly estimate the probability of losses. To do that, the insurer collects information about risks and other factors, whose presence increases the probability of losses. For a very long time, the collection of such information has been done manually. However, things are changing. Insurers are using new technologies which automate the assessment of risks and sharpen loss probability estimates. This webinar, presented by Donald Light, discusses how insurers are using these new technologies, with special reference to cyber.
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How Life and Annuity Insurers Are Reinventing Distribution


A panel of business and technology experts will examine how insurers are using state-of-the-art digital platforms to jump-start their direct-to-consumer channel efforts. These new platforms allow for faster speed to market for new products, faster entry into new marketing channels, improved customer experiences and more effective variable cost administration. Self-learning, artificial-intelligence-driven capabilities like virtual servicing agents and robo advisors will be integrated and play a key role in driving the next generation of customer experience.
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New Private Flood Insurance Rules Effective July 1, 2019: Policy, Procedures & Compliance


After a five-year wait, the final rules on private flood insurance have finally been released The rules implement a portion of the Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act that defines private flood insurance. This is meant to provide borrowers with more flood insurance options - which also brings more compliance requirements. Compliance and lending staff must be ready by the July 1, 2019, effective date - before regulators start focusing on this area. Examiners will be expecting sample policy, written procedures, and monitoring checklists. This webinar will cover the final rules requirements and present them as sample policy. Prepare your staff now with this mustattend session that will provide the training and tools needed to ensure your compliance standards are complete and correct.
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Myth Busting Cyber Claims – There is more than one way to manage a cyber claim


The insurance industry has long worked under the assumption that cyber claims, or cyber incident response, should be led by a lawyer or IT specialist. While legal and IT services are essential components of cyber claims handling, and the cyber provider ecosystem, their expertise is necessary at the right time and not necessarily for every situation that transpires. Dedicated project management can help to streamline the cyber claims process.
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