Reinsurance 101 - An Introduction to Reinsurance

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In this video, Fitz and Adriel talks about the top 5 most common misconceptions that people have when buying life insurance.


Property/Casualty CIO Pressures and Priorities: North America


What are the 2019 pressures and priorities facing property/casualty CIOs in North America? What financial resources will they have available? And how will they deploy those resources to renew their application portfolios, to expand their cloud presence, and to continue on their digital journey? In this webinar DonaldLight provides answers based on Celent’s annual CIO survey.
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Contested Workers' Compensation Claims


Learn techniques on how to properly investigate and ensure workers' compensation claims should be contested. At one time for another, virtually all employers must deal with an on-the-job injury. When a work-related injury is reported, the employer must investigate the injury to determine its validity. This topic will help any employer, regardless of size, identify questionable claims and determine which claims should be contested. It will give employers and their attorneys a road map for investigating the injury claim, deciding whether to contest the claim and developing evidence to defend it. This material will also provide attorneys with helpful litigation techniques for defending workers' compensation claims.
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The Annual Conference Series: Is general insurance living through a perfect storm?

With hardening markets across many product lines, challenging reinsurance markets, and preparations for a once in a generation regulatory change on pricing, it could be said that the general insurance market is living through a perfect storm. Looking ahead to 2022 and the changes on the horizon, might the tide be about to turn? Or will the grave impacts of climate change, an ongoing pandemic, and the threat of many other headline-making loss events, such as a large-scale cyber-attack, mean that this is a state of play to get used to? This lively panel debate considers the overall state of the general insurance market, what routes there are to a more stable market, whether we should expect this period of instability to continue, and seeks to answer if general insurance is living through a perfect storm or not?
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What’s in it for me’: How will insurance change when customers control all of their health data?

It’s 2030. Customers have direct control over their health data and can share it with third parties at the tap of a phone. Protection and health insurers no longer need to ask GPs for medical records to validate their health profile – they can ask customers to share their health data with them directly. A new relationship of trust will be born. But will this create new barriers across insurance markets? Or will it create opportunities to transform how insurers are able to use that health data to partner with customers protect and support their health?
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