Securing the Right Cyber Insurance Policy: Webinar with NetDiligence


How do you know whether your cyber insurance policy includes the right provisions in the case of an incident? Will it cover potential ransomware costs? Join experts from Kroll, a division of Duff & Phelps and NetDiligence as they share proactive measures companies can take to secure adequate coverage and the risk areas most often overlooked.
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Health financing system designed to pool funds to provide access to quality, affordable personal health services based on health needs, irrespective of socio economic status.


The Internet of (Physical) Things and Insurance


At the recent Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas, there was one superstar present: the Internet of Things (IoT). Why the interest? The IoT holds the promise to make our personal and professional lives easier. But what does the IoT mean for insurance? For two years, the Insurance 2025 Study Group (I2SG)† has been talking about the implications of connected physical objects on insurance. And the implications are big!
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Intelligent Indexing for the Insurance industry with LarcAI and UiPath


Speed is an undisputed benefit of Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Speed at scale, though, is a tandem every enterprise is aiming for, when charting digital transformation across its departments. This applies even more within the Finance & Banking industry, where process efficiency is vital. Enter Intelligent Indexing, a small, yet very important part of the puzzle, proven to quickly process documents that do not always follow the same standard, and which slow down important tasks.
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Effectively complying with global privacy laws like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires an automated technology solution that is designed to discover and protect sensitive data across a variety of repositories—and, ideally, preserves the business value and availability of that data. In this webinar, co-presented by Dataguise and Amazon Web Services (AWS), learn how Trōv Insurance Solutions, an insurance agency licensed to sell on-demand property and casualty insurance products, adopted DgSecure on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to anonymize production data to help comply with GDPR and other data privacy regulations. The solution helps Trōv meet privacy standards while enabling its analytics teams to use data to better serve its clients.
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Al adoption strategies for commercial insurance providers

This webinar will discuss successful Al adoption strategies with minimal business disruption for immediate business lift in just weeks. There will be discussion on this tailored approach and effective management of four core pillars - people, process, technology and data.
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