Subcontractor Default Insurance


Are you involved on a complex and large-scale construction project, whether from the owner or general contractor's perspective? If so, has the topic of subcontractor default insurance (SDI) been discussed? If you are involved in such a project, SDI is an important topic since SDI would generally serve as an alternative to requiring subcontractors to obtain performance bonds. SDI is a first-party insurance policy, but operates differently than the first-party insurance policies you typically think of such as a property insurance/builder's risk policy.
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Do all Life Insurance terms seem Greek to you? Well, let our Turtle help you understand these terms in a simple manner so you aren’t clueless next time you read them.


Life Insurance...Benefits for the Living - 4/11 - 103598

Most people purchase Life Insurance in an attempt to reduce the financial pressure on loved ones and other beneficiaries when someone dies. However, many individuals fail to realize the Living Benefits found in Life Insurance contracts. Explore benefits the policy owner may take advantage of while still alive. Examine how Cash Values in policies are created, and how they can be extracted by a living policy owner in the most tax advantaged manner. Review the tax consequences of Qualified Retirement Plans. Discover how a business can use the Living Benefits of a Life policy to recruit, retain and reward key employees in a business, as well as to allow the business owner to move business dollars into their personal account for retirement. Briefly review various Life Insurance Riders to focus on their Living Benefits, Viatical Settlements (Life Settlements), and the Annuity side of life contracts.
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Intelligent Indexing for the Insurance industry with LarcAI and UiPath


Speed is an undisputed benefit of Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Speed at scale, though, is a tandem every enterprise is aiming for, when charting digital transformation across its departments. This applies even more within the Finance & Banking industry, where process efficiency is vital. Enter Intelligent Indexing, a small, yet very important part of the puzzle, proven to quickly process documents that do not always follow the same standard, and which slow down important tasks.
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Good Dog in a Box

Beth DeLaForest of Doggone Insurance and Aspire Insurance Group and Asima Ahmad of legal firm Blank Rome, join Kim Merritt, co-founder Good Dog in a Box, to discuss the growing issue of dog bite and dog injury liability claims and lawsuits
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Captive Insurance Industry Review


2018 was a challenging year for captive insurance with an uncertain investment environment, continued tax scrutiny and consolidations among service providers. In our annual market update, we take a look at these and other trends affecting captives, report on captive numbers by domicile and discuss the outlook for the coming year. Specific topics to be covered will include: Analysis of captive activity in 2018. Review of the major captive domiciles, both onshore and offshore. Discussion of major trends affecting the industry. New and existing uses of captives. Infrastructure and regulatory developments. Predictions for 2019. This webinar is suitable for existing and prospective captive owners looking to get an update on developments in the captive insurance industry.
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