The Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD

Lexis Nexis

This webinar will look at a wealth of changes to the law brought in by the Insurance Distribution Directive. Topics to be covered include: What does the Directive say? Customer’s best interest rule, Organization and professional requirements, Information requirements and Conduct of Business Rules, Cross-selling and bundled products, Remuneration & Product governance and disclosure.
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Handling different types of auto insurance can be confusing. We have simple things every driver should know about insurance in an easy-to-read format.


The Value of Health Insurance Benefits to Recruit and Retain Employees


87% of temps say medical coverage is the most important benefit to them when looking for a job. In this webinar Essential StaffCARE will be talking about the impact of the ACA individual mandate repeal. These topics will be covered in the discussion: Brief ACA update. Individual mandate repeal as of January 1, 2019. What will employers do when there is still an employer mandate? How will ACA reporting be impacted? Explore the current labor market.
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Cyber Security,Cyber Insurance and the Law

Insurance Institute

Would you like to uncover the secrets of the current state of Cyber Security and Cyber Insurance? You will leave this webinar armed with updated informations on new laws concerning canadian businesses and cyber events, which came into force November 1, 2018. Andrew will be discussing the current state of cyber security, insurance and events. Information that you will not want to miss as it could help you to avoid being cyber hacked. Andrew Moss is an associate lawyer with Foster & Company in Fredericton, New Brunswick. He specializes in litigation related to insurance coverage, personal injuries, motor vehicle accidents, construction projects and professional negligence.He recently published an article on cyber insurance in the August 2018 edition of Canadian Insurance Top Broker magazine.
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Cyber Law and Insurance - Surviving an Incident

Cyber insurance has become a common risk mitigation strategy to lessen the financial impact of a cyber incident. However, it's not until an incident happens that we really think about the type of coverage we carry and how it affects our ability to recover. Dickinson Cybersecurity Law Attorney John Lande and consulting and audit firm SBS CyberSecurity first aired a webinar on April 30 to discuss common questions and issues that arise during an incident as well as what information you should know about your policy to quickly take action. It is now available as an on demand resource. The webinar also includes case studies that cover real-world scenarios that will arm your institution against the next incident.
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Build New Business Opportunities Through More Access to Insurers


For independent agents, choosing the right insurer for each risk can be difficult and time-consuming. Automating the market search process can help your business increase efficiency and drive growth by finding more markets for commercial risks in less time. Watch this on-demand webinar to discover how you can leverage innovative technology to instantly search insurer appetite and access new markets for new and renewal business with ease.
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