The Top Insurance Technology Trends To Watch In 2019


Insurance firms recognize that their future depends on the digital initiatives that drive better customer experience and more efficient operations. But heightening customer expectations, stalled progress on customer experience, a global recession on the way, and a new big tech name showing its interest in the business of insurance will reshape the technology strategies of insurance firms in mature and emerging markets. This webinar guides insurance technology decision-makers and their technology solutions providers to connect the what of insurance — underwriting, claims, and compliance to new hows — through innovative applications of AI, robotics, and distributed ledger technology that create trusted and differentiating customer experiences while protecting the balance sheet.
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Medical Billing for Insurance - A Beginner's Guide


During this presentation will share the basics of insurances. The differences between the government plans and the commercial insurances. The eligibility requirements to obtain Medicare and Medicaid. Learn the difference between the traditional Medicare and Medicaid to the Advantage Medicare and Medicaid Plans. Also discussed will be the definitions of copayments, coinsurance, deductibles, pre-certifications, pre-authorizations and pre-determinations.
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Maximize Reimbursements – Strategies to Prevent Denials and Find More Insurance Coverage


In a climate of rising denials, hidden insurance coverage, and a shifting payer mix, it’s imperative that healthcare providers have a comprehensive strategy to identify and manage clinical and technical denials. Hear how one large health system currently leverages robust solutions—for denial prevention, A/R recoveries, and insurance discovery—to drive maximum reimbursements and improve profitability.
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A Conversation with James Maudslay


In this webinar, Insurance Thought Leadership Editor-in-Chief Paul Carroll interviews James Maudslay, Head of Global Insurance at Equinix, on how information systems are – and aren’t – taking new forms.
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Property/Casualty CIO Pressures and Priorities: North America


What are the 2019 pressures and priorities facing property/casualty CIOs in North America? What financial resources will they have available? And how will they deploy those resources to renew their application portfolios, to expand their cloud presence, and to continue on their digital journey? In this webinar DonaldLight provides answers based on Celent’s annual CIO survey.
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