Your money, your health: Understanding health insurance


Are there ways you could be saving dollars on your healthcare? Let s follow the money to learn what you are paying for and how your medical insurance costs may work. We know you re juggling a lot of financial priorities, so taking some time to understand where your money goes can have a potential payoff.Join us live, or register to get a copy of the replay when its available.
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Bain Partners Henrik Naujoks and Harshveer Singh explain some of the factors behind Asia's surging insurance market.


IFRS 17 – Emerging Hot Topics for Non-Life Insurers


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Cybersecurity 102: Communicating with Clients to Overcome Cyber Insurance Sales Obstacles


As organizations increasingly rely on technology tools to run more efficient business operations, are they thinking strategically about the real possibility of their tools and associated data disappearing without a trace? What about the long term impact of such an event on revenue, or for their customers? Modern reliance on technology brings with it new exposures to risk that demand thoughtful foresight, planning and risk management.
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Basic Principles of Environmental Insurance


Do you have the appropriate coverage with your environmental insurance? Uncertain and potentially costly environmental risks present difficult obstacles for parties involved in purchasing, selling, developing, leasing, operating or financing in today's business and real estate market. In an attempt to meet these needs, the insurance industry has developed a broad range of risk-specific environmental insurance products. In considering the use of insurance for the transfer of environmental risks, it is important to understand what the various insurance products are designed to cover, how to bind the necessary coverage and what issues must be considered and evaluated in negotiating these environmental insurance policies.
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Captive Insurance Industry Review


2018 was a challenging year for captive insurance with an uncertain investment environment, continued tax scrutiny and consolidations among service providers. In our annual market update, we take a look at these and other trends affecting captives, report on captive numbers by domicile and discuss the outlook for the coming year. Specific topics to be covered will include: Analysis of captive activity in 2018. Review of the major captive domiciles, both onshore and offshore. Discussion of major trends affecting the industry. New and existing uses of captives. Infrastructure and regulatory developments. Predictions for 2019. This webinar is suitable for existing and prospective captive owners looking to get an update on developments in the captive insurance industry.
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