March Insurance & Finance Intensive

March 31-April 1, 2022 | USA

Triage Cancer's free, comprehensive Insurance & Finance Intensive is a training program designed specifically for oncology health care professionals and advocates. Participants will learn about health and disability insurance and finances. The program improves patient and caregiver access to valuable information on how to mitigate the financial impact of a cancer diagnosis across the continuum of care.


Learn how insurance affects the GDP worldwide and which countries are leading the industry.


Cyber Insurance Innovation Virtual

April 21-22, 2022 | UK

There’s no doubt that the demand for cyber insurance is booming, which is good news for the industry. Managing cyber risk is now the norm for all sizes of business. And because of the demands from insurers, clients are putting risk management higher up on their agenda and taking a more active role in managing their own cyber risk.

11th Annual Insurance Claims Management Summit

March 22-25, 2022 | USA

The 11th Annual Insurance Claims Management Summit brings together MDs, CEO`s, Claims Operations Directors, Managers, Heads, Claims Directors, Managers, Heads, Counter-Fraud Directors, Managers, Heads, Claims Handling, Claims Performance, Claims Strategy Managers, Adjusters, Loss adjusters, Financial Crime Directors, Managers, Heads, Solution Providers, Consultancy Companies and Claims-Handling Software Providing Companies.

AML & OFAC for the Insurance Industry

January 19-20, 2022 | USA

Increased enforcement coupled with rapid changes to an already-complex regulatory landscape has necessitated a renewed risk assessment of your compliance programs. ACI’s 12th Annual Forum on AML & OFAC Compliance for the Insurance Industry provides a timely program that offers key insights, strategic knowledge, and actionable solutions to ensure that your business avoids costly sanctions and ensures compliance in the challenging and ever evolving regulatory and enforcement environment.

The Future of Insurance USA 2022

June 14, 2022 | USA

Insurance has strived to accelerate transformation efforts, but the time for aspirational roadmaps is gone. We must deliver now. We must exceed the needs of today’s customer, whilst also predicting those of tomorrow. We must commit to our role in the climate transition, push forward the ESG conversation, and urgently combat evolving risk. And in the battlefield of innovation, technology is updating faster than it can be implemented – time is the enemy.