Understanding the Rules of Policyholder Engagement: Risk Reduction, Relevance, New Revenue Streams and Retention


Engaged Customers are generally happy customers. Are your customers engaged?The most engaged small business and personal lines customers are often ones carriers no longer want to retain because they had a loss and now cost money. This policyholder dilemma creates a distinctive opportunity for the insurance industry to provide value in a way that has long been a challenge for smaller accounts, before a loss occurs. Cyber risks now provide unique opportunities for insurance providers to own the conversation and provide cost-effective solutions to help engage this group of customers.
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Ladder Co-Founder and CEO Jamie Hale gives a financial explanation of the benefits of term life insurance and how it can help you diversify your risk and protect future earnings for your family.


Strategic Priorities for 2019: Securing a Spot in the Future of Insurance


To those in the insurance industry, it probably feels like more change has been packed into the past 4 years than we’ve experienced in the past 10 or even 20 years. The exploding number of startups and greenfields, along with the growing investment in InsurTech is a powerful indicator of this change…FinTech Global recently reported that there were 101 deals through Q3 2018 worth $2.5 billion, compared to just 40 deals worth $105 million in 2014. More and more companies from both outside and inside the industry are moving to take advantage of the tremendous opportunities that are defining the future of insurance…Digital Insurance 2.0.
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Creating a Digital Generation of Enterprise Risk Management & Commercial Insurance


Rapid advances in digital technologies are significantly changing the requirements for enterprise risk management and insurance. Those same technologies are opening the door for a new generation of connected enterprise risk management and insurance solutions. Solutions that focus on increasing risk transparency and predicting, preventing, and mitigating risk across the extend enterprise and its extended value chain.
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Using Continuous Digital Underwriting For Small Business WC Insurance


The facts are clear. Small businesses comprise the vast majority of commerce conducted in the United States. Looking at just one line, they represent billions in workers compensation insurance premium, much of it untapped.Insurers competing in the workers compensation space for small business recognize the opportunity, but often find it difficult to adapt traditional underwriting approaches to a volume-based business (with lower premiums).
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The Importance of Speed in Cyber Underwriting


As cyber insurance underwriting evolves, balancing information requirements and pragmatic market dynamics is essential. Risks and organizations change rapidly and knowing the right questions to ask, along with providing the right threat insights, makes the process run smoother for brokers, insurers, and their clients. On Thursday, September 7, Advisen’s Erin Ayers, Symantec’s Nikon Rasumov, and other panelists discussed the best ways to present better risk profiles for your cyber clients and improve the effectiveness of placing cyber insurance, for all parties involved.
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